Where All Ma Drivers At??


Hey Blogworld. I was cleaning up my bookmarks today and found this game that I’m sure I had every intention of sharing with y’all … my favourite internet peeps and totally forgot. So, now that I’ve again found it, here it is.

I want to know the following … and be honest!! I put my scores!
1) Scores: 132.8
2) # of attempts to successfully complete: 6
3) # of hits: 2


Crash yourselves out! Happy Weekend!!


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  1. Oh, I love that game! Ok, the smashed the other people’s vehicle twice. Park it in the slot the 4th time but it wasn’t straight. 5th time I straighened. I’m just dying for the men to try it. Look how they’re all going to say they got it right the first time. hehe.

  2. I went back after and realized that there was more to it. I didn’t even realize when I did it at first that I was supposed to park the vehicle front way first. I thought it was just to reverse in. So I saw the scores after.

    Dying for the men to try it. I’ve bookmarked it, it’s a cool game.

  3. Hehe. Lawks yu persistent eeh, hehe. Ah didn’t want to admit that after I figured out that I was doing foolishness, ah park front ways, reverse park and all now, I don’t get into the sidesway slot yet. I don’t even remember the darn score cuz of course didn’t even finish.

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