Annoying Neighbours


I have had to deal with 2 extremely annoying neighbours in past 2 days.

Neighbour #1

On Saturday evening, after feeding my son, and laying him down to sleep, I smelt smoke.  I looked through my window only to see this asshole of a man (let’s call him Forrestt) burning some leaves outside his house.  Now, it is against the rules of the neighbourhood I live in to burn open fires.  As a corrective measure, we now have our garbage picked up 2 times per week.  Anyway, I beckoned to the neighbour and this is the conversation that ensued:

Me: Hello … hello …. hi there …. hey ….. hoy deh!!

Neighbour: turns and looks in the direction of my obviously too soft voice having to shout so many times to get his attention

Me: I have a baby up here and the smoke from your fire is not helping me or him.  You shouldn’t be lighting any fires here. It’s against the rules and it is affecting us up here.

Neighbour: Turns his back to me mumbling.  Yuh nuh have nutten fi do up deh?

Me: Yes, I’m taking care of my child and that’s why I’m talking to you about putting out that fire

Neighbour: Lady, yu chat too much.  Mine yu own business.  I’m minding mine so you gwaan go mine yours

Me:  I am minding my own business.  It’s against the rules to be lighting fires here and I will just have you reported

Neighbour:  Yes, gwaan go call di police

Me: Don’t worry, I’ll do just that.

I didn’t call the police that time as the fire was almost out.  But rest assured I’ll be making a report to the co-op and to the police next time.

Neighbour #2

Unemployed Bert.  At home every day.  Sole purpose in life is to provide entertainment for the entire community, moreso, the houses in close proximity to his, of which mine is included.  Bert plays his music loudly everyday for about 3 hrs starting as early as 8 a.m.  In addition, Bert has 2 parakeets on his balcony which are constantly chirping.  The only good thing is that the music he plays is kinda soothing, 70s & 80 R&B for the most part, every now and then some reggae from the same genre but goodness, give us a break already.

Today being a holiday for most people, I guess he figured he’d give us an extra treat, playing for a marathon 6 hrs today!  I couldn’t even watch my TV without turning it up loudly.

I can’t wait to move to my new home when I think things will be better.

Any annoying neighbour stories out there?  CD wants to know !!

Have a good week everyone.


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  1. Are you moving into Kingston CD? Oh Gosh, my annoying neighbor story deserves a whole post!

  2. Two of the most annoying neighbors to have! I hate neighbors like those, just makes you want to go out with a baseball bat (metal one) and beat them to a pulp! !$%&#&

    Based on my above comment, you know I have personally had experiences with both kinds you mentioned. I won’t recall them as I may go postal!

  3. at least your music is soothing. Am subjected to the obscenity laced rap at the highest level you can think of. Most times I can’t even hear the tv in my house as well.I’ve already decided to report them since am not seeing any improvements despite talking to them so many times

  4. Previously had arguers who didn’t know how 2 keep their volume down. Now, kinda different, mayB de new ones R still on their honeymoon behaviour.

  5. Well, first there is the perv upstairs, Duncan Heinz who goes out of his way to creep me out any time I see him. Most recently asking, rather probing into why I decided to cut my hair off, then proceeding to cup the back of my hair in his hand at the door. AHHHH.

    I also have two ladies living next to me now. I haven’t had a next door neighbor in the two years I lived in this place, but now I do, and they both slam their doors. I call them the slammers, and they have on more than one occasion woken me up from a Saturday afternoon nap with their insensitive, un-neighborly door slamming.

  6. Is cause of neighbours like them types why sometimes I wish I had the $$$ to buy a nice peice o land on a hill somewhere in Portland to build a house where the nearest neighbours I have are rolling green hills!

    Think I’d haffi tell neighbour # 1 some choice claats!

    Posted about the ones up the road previously. Cyaan remember when tho…

  7. I have to tell you this is the second time I have visited your blog and Im lovin it! I added your website to my rss reader. Cant wait to see more updates!

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