I just can’t fathom


Every day , every minute, every second I spend with my son, I witness the wonderfulness of God.  It is truly amazing what he can do.  His love for children is evident in the intricate way they are made.  Created out of an act of love, nurtured through the being of the mother, grown inside another human yet living his own life, then coming into the world to begin another phase.  How truly amazing God is in his love for us and his little ones.

When I look into his eyes and see the love, the happiness, the carefreeness, when I see his teethless, gum-full smile, I wonder how people can be cruel to children.  It is something I just cannot fathom.  How can a woman carry a child inside her for 9 months and then abandon him?  How can she bring him into the world and expose him to the harms of life?  How can a man sexually molest a baby?  I just can’t fathom these things.  The creation of a baby is so beautiful, and the innocence you see, the level of trust they put in the people they see around them, to think of the devastating effects simple acts of cruelty can destroy a creature so innocent and full of promise.  I just can’t fathom these things.

I told my mother earlier this week that I would kill anyone who hurt my son.  I’m willing to go to prison for him and so is his father.  I meant it.  Everyday you read in the papers about the increase in the number of sex crimes being committed involving children, little boys and girls being molested at school, church, home.  I have no sympathy for persons convicted of these crimes.  I can only pray and ask God to have mercy on them because he is a forgiving God.

With God as my witness, I’ll do everything in my power to keep my son, my blessing, my angel out of harm’s way.  And to all the mothers out there, I am new on the block but that makes me no less of a mother and I pray that you will continue to love and protect your children so that they may always be happy.


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  1. I know what you mean. I read these horrible stories and I can’t imagine what posses people to do such horrible things. Here’s hoping that you and your family are always happy and safe.

  2. Yeah, she’s under the spell. So nice. (smile). It amazes everytime I see some horrible story like that. Honestly. Awww, nice post and now I’m envious 😦

  3. You know what? I have uploaded a picture too, it doesn’t show up at all… I may email support, if I can find out what their email addy is.

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