Agent 876


Jamaica has caught on to the Casino Royale 007 fever.  Henieken has a competition to find Agent 876, the Jamaican James Bond.  We could not be left out of the hype.  What it entails is some men doing some “007 type” stunts, IOW, breaking wood like a chinese samurai, then they run through some tyres, slide under 3 limbo bars, search for a bottle of Henieken in a water cooler which contains a key which is used to free the damsel in distress, aka Bond Girl.  An interesting concept and it was in fact quite entertaining to see the guys perfom these acts of bondness in an attempt to win J$250,000.  What happened in fact is that the winner of the stunts were given J$100,000 which they were asked if they wanted to give up to choose 1 of 3 briefcases, which would have J$250,000 in one.  Of course, the winner, not willing to give up J$100K chose not to select a briefcase.  Of course, after making his decision and choosing 1 just for fun, he ended up choosing the 1 with the J$250K.  Imagine his disappointment!

I must admit, I’m happy to see more locally produced programming on our traditional local stations as well as those now on cable.  I am a strong supporter of local productions.  We have had some great ones in the past and the television era has evolved so much.  I remember the days of Morning Time, Evening Time, Lime Tree Lane, Oliver at Large, Titus, Maffie, The Diana Wright Show, Bonanza just to name a few.  Jamaica is such a vibrant cultural society with so many things happening in every nook and cranny that it is just sad that there is never enough $$$ to have more local productions.  With all the ones we have now, most of them are on the air in the red, in debt, at a loss.  However, I’m grateful for some of them nonetheless.

In the cable generation, I want to see more local writers and producers stepping up to the plate and making etertainment viewing material that is comparable to any cable network program.  I for one will watch provided it is imformative, entertaining and tasteful.  No sleazy stuff like Flavour of Love or any such crap!!  Good programming please.  Thank you.

PS.  You guys are so lucky!! All of 3 posts in one morning!!! I’m on a roll!!

More time.


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  1. Yeah, a CD post, what? did you say 3? I must scroll down.

    Hey, the competion came on tv? I wanted to see that.

  2. Yup, I find JA has a lot of local shows. Whenever I watch Caribvison channel I see a lot of stuf flike a Family Feud show etc.Wish we had more like it

  3. I loved the whole “Agent 876 thing”. It was entertaining and original. Plus I got a few laughs out of the deal.

  4. The local ones which I thought most seedy were Golden Egg (have never been able to stomach a whole episode) and Our Voices!

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