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Well, CD has stepped up her ADSL to 512MB!!!  I’m in estacy land at the speed with which my Internet is now moving.  No more waiting 2 minutes for those YouTube videos to complete buffering, no more waiting for those Yahoo! Movies trailers to open.  With the click of the mouse, I now have the world at my fingertips even quicker.  It is totally cool!  I just wish I could afford the 2GB speed, but one has to stick within one’s budget, live within one’s means and be satisfied with what one has!

All I need now is a new faster computer to go with this speed and then I’m good to go!  I’m actually surprised at how much quicker my internet is considering that my compi has been going so slow these days and had me thinking to upgrade from the 950Mhz processor and 256MB of memory to even greater speeds.  Would overclock my CPU but don’t have the time cause of the baby to concentrate on such tasks and I’ll be leaving this compi with my mom when I move out and all she does is type word documents and check email.  She won’t need anything faster than that.

So, I’m on a tiny cloud enjoying the Internet…. pity I’m not on as much as I used to be before the baby … who by the way is getting cuter and cuter every day, smiling and cooing like crazy, it’s just amazing.  Yes, MB, he continues to work his spell on me and I don’t mind one bit! … I so want to post his pic but his father would have my head so y’all just have to take my word for it.

Until next time, and in the famous words of Ron Burgundy, Good Morning Blogosphere.


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  1. I still have 256Mbps, I would love to upgrade to the 512Mbps, but as you said I gots to live within my means. Them pc specs soulds like a calculator, you definatly need a upgrade.

    I posted some pracice lesson for the Hot F**k dance, so you can check it out!

  2. Awwww, no pic 😦

    Ok, we take your word for it.

    I’m not sure what speed I have. I remember that I had done an upgrade but to what? Is it c&w that you’re with? I pay 1900 – is that a 256 cost?

    I ordered a wireless router online, will pick up when I get to DC. I’m so looking forward to surf from anywhere in my apt. The internet is absolutely wonderful!

  3. Gela, the $1900 is for 256. They had a special to double your speed for $320 more so I took it.

    MB, not sure for the 2GB position…. and yes, I think I’ll email the pics to the blogosphere.

  4. Stunner, CWJ have a special now to double your speed for J$320. I’m sure that wouldn’t put you in the red!! Dat’s a box food money!! Check it out. I’ll email you a contact there cause they called me with the promotion for the unlimited fixed-to-fixed plan and I asked about the ADSL.

    Will check out the Hot fuck tips now!!!

  5. Way to go. Hope you use that extra speed wisely. I’ve seen far too many people with high speed connections and only use it for email and social networking.

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