The Pill Popper Generation


Is it me or is there a pill for every thing these days? Every day on cable we are bombarded with commercials about various ailments which are now seemingly being discovered and the pills that offer the cure or control to allow us to live a normal life. Everything is a syndrome now.  And it’s obvious that the drug companies are making billions of dollars.  Every other advertisement is some pill that is supposed to make you lose weight, cleanse your colon, lower your colesterol, treat your erectile dysfunction, aid you with asthma, go to sleep faster and sleep longer, the list could go on and on.  The funny thing is none of these medications cure anything.  All they do is treat.  “Help you control your symptoms”.  All a bunch of crock.

For decades now, drug companies have been working on cures for many different ailments, and the more they work, the more conditions are discovered which need to be dealt with as well.  So, now we find that overactive bladder and restless leg syndrome are so life threatening that treatment had to be developed for them.  What the fuck is restless leg syndrome anyway?  I may be cynical and hopefully no one reading has any of these “syndromes” but I feel  the “pins and needles”  or “creepy crawly” or … I forget the other one.  It usually means that my legs are tired, or I’m sitting in a really weird position thus preventing the required blood supply to my legs.  I’m sorry but I just think that the world is on a drive to get people addicted and so dependent on pills to survive so much that I’m just waiting for the food pills – a rice & peas & chicken pill, or a cheeseburger pill, or  a macaroni & cheese pill so I won’t have to cook anymore!!

I do lift my hat to them for trying to find cures for cancer and diabetes and coming up with medication that can make those dreadful diseases easier to live with.  I know these diseases are complicated too and take time, but as patient as I am, I think they should have had a cure for cancer and aids by now.

The author of Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About and More Natural Cures Revealed have spoken out strongly against the drug companies who based on his  expression, do not want to find cures for these diseases as it  means they will be less profitable.  He also claims that attempts have been made to censor him because of what he has in his book and speaks about in his infomercials.  He has been heavily criticised and it calls you to wonder who do you believe?  The world has become such a cynical place that people can’t be honest anymore?

I have a few ailments I’d like cured once and for all.  I’m gonna see if these books will help.

Any views out there?


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  1. Don’t get me started on ailments I want cured. Some days i just wish I would have a 6 mths grace period of no freak ailments

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