Finding Cures


There has been a lot of talk about Stem Cell research in the United States, particulary by the Democratic party. My ignorance on the details of this concept led me to do some research, after seeing this article on Yahoo about human gene maps.

After reading  here about Stem Cell Research, I am quite fascinated by the concept. Imagine the possibilities of developing cures for some of the terminal and critical illnesses we have today. Imagine determining the root cause for these diseases thus finding ways to prevent them from occuring. It is quite warming that this work is going on.

However, it does have a dark side. The concept of doctors and scientists playing God. The concern that human cloning will begin once the research has been complete. I watched the movie The Island and being the gullible female I can be at times, I thought, what if this were really true or at least possible? Would we feel comfortable knowing that there was a clone of us in a lab waiting for us to need a heart or liver transplant? I’m sure it would be comforting to know that our life could be prolonged in this way, but would that be what we really want? Isn’t this taking the control of life from God in some way? Some doctors already feel like they are demi-gods because they can save lives. They have obviously forgotten that the gift of healing was given to them by God and it’s like spitting in his face when the act as though they are God.

I fully support Stem Cell Research and the Human Genome Project ONLY for the benefits to be derived from it in terms of cures and preventitive treatment, not for the blasphemy of using it to create new life or pro-long life via cloning.


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  1. Stem cell research does have great potential for human disease CD. But I hear you about docs ‘playing God’.

    When it comes to critically ill patients, I always tell relatives that we don’t/can’t make certain decisions, those are left up to Him. We, through education and knowledge act on His behalf….but He has the final word. That is a fact that becomes clearer to me every time that I see a patient die despite what I can see as our best efforts to attempt preservation of life. Hope I don’t seem to be straying from the point.

  2. I like playing God. It’s my favourite game. But seriously, I think they should go ahead with the research. Using adult stem cells. I don’t advocate the use of embryos.

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