Freaking Me Out!!!


A few scary thoughts from CD:

1.    Going back to work.  Albeit 2 months from now, I’m already dreading it

2.    Do I go with a inhouse baby sitter or send him to the nursery?  I’m besides myself with this one.

I’m leaning towards the nursery for the following reasons – a more controlled environment, more interaction with other babies/children, possibly better development of motor skills, etc. I’m against the nursery for the simple reason that every common cold and child ailment that goes around, he is potentially exposed.

Against the in house baby sitter for the following reasons:- someone in my house going through my shit, someone in my house unsupervised, possibility of greater exposure of my son in that, this person will be alone with him with no one watching.  Need I say more?
I’m for the in house baby sitter only because of the reason I’m against the nursery.   Any thoughts on this?

3.  I’ve already lost 30lbs since I had the baby.  This is quite good considering I only put on 16 lbs when I was pregnant.   I think that by being at home, I will probably put on at least 1/2 of this.  I invested in an exercise program and as my luck would have it, DVD player konk out hence I can’t do my wonderful Turbo Jam exercise program, complete with jumping rope, weighted gloves and 5 fabulous work outs.   I’m trying to get a DVD player for my computer since that is the only room with the space to work out right now.

4.    Will I really move into my own home come January as promised.  I am going to go nuts if I don’t!!!

That is pretty much what is freaking me out right now.


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  1. Now first let me say that I am no expert on babies, and that is putting it mildly! With that disclaimer, I have read that there is a theory that there are a finite number of strains of colds, and you can only get each one once, which may explain why the older you get, the fewer you get. Also, I was always told that many diseases are much less severe in young children than if contracted as an adult (chicken pox, mumps etc.), so that would be in favour of letting him deal with the inevitable sooner rather than later. There are similar theories about excessive hygiene being associated with weak immune systems and even childhood leukaemia. Your concerns about the in-house baby sitter may be a bit on the paranoid side, but you would definitely be putting more eggs in one basket than going with a reputable nursery.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Firefly!!. Welcome and mek sure yu come again!

    These days, kidnappings and child abuse are so rampant in Jamaica that you can’t be too sure anymore. If you have read, there has been an attack of sorts on our children and it is heart wrenching. You can see my “I just Can’t Fathom” post.

    I have been scoping around to get a baby sitter recommended – nothing. I’m now being forced to put an ad in the paper or go through the classified which is a night mare in itself. The nursery option is definitely my preference.

  3. I like inhouse because I feel the baby can get individual attention. But,a reputable nursery is good too. You can continue scouting around to make a better decision.
    Hope am seeing pics of the entire fam:)

  4. Get a friend to watch your child and pay them a reasonable fee. You can also get a hidden camera. Way to go with the weight loss. Slim Fast should hire you.

  5. Leon’s got a point wid de camera, but then again dem might just teef it. If U take the inhouse nanny option, U might want to have de person around you for at least 3 weeks B4 U go back to work. Look at it this way: If U monitor 4 people in a month (each for a week), U might feel more comfortable with your decision when U’re back at work. If U find the right person from day one, U’ll have a few weeks of personally monitoring that person all month while your baby gets used to her. A mature Christian person might be a nice choice.

  6. Have you thought of going through an agency. A friend of mine has tried that it seems to be working out. But def try someone out befor eyou go back to work if you decide on in house.

    Personally (and I have no kids so this is all hypotetical!) I prefer the idea of a nursery as at people there tend to be trained and it’s good for kids to mix. However, sending a 3 month old to a nursery does seem very little to me.. what to do – we all need a granny!

  7. Honestly, this is where the granny comes in fi true. I totally understand the reluctance to go with the sitter at home. People are so weird these days, it’s difficult to trust.

    Of the two ‘evils’ I’d probably pick the nursery.

    Yu modder don’t retire yet? (smile). The nowadays modders dem love to say dem too young to become grannies (my mother use to love saying that.)

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