All What I Want For Christmas


No, I already have my 2 front teeth so rest assured that my christmas wish has nothing to do with teeth or anything dentistry related.

My item of choice is a telescope. Ever since I was about 17 years old, I developed this fascination with astronomy, outer space and the great beyond.

And every time I read about events like these, it makes me want a telescope more. I did try to do some research on the internet about telescopes, but I’m not au fait with what’s cool or not, what is a good brand, what features to look for, basically what’s good or bad … and you know for CoolDestiny, it has to be the coolest and the best!

For the event of the closeness of the planets which will take place tomorrow, I will try to look with the naked eye. Doubt I’ll be able to see anything but I’m at least gonna try.  Here’s a website about telescopes that I’ve been  looking at since this morning.  Any “know about telescopes” bloggers … help!!  They seem to be quite reasonable in price but of course, I don’t know if I’m getting my money’s worth or paying for what I get, if you know what I mean.

So, anyone wanna buy me a telescope for Christmas? I know it’s a little short notice, but this and any other Christmas of the future (preferrably Christmas 2007) will do. Thank you very much! You guys are just great!! 


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  1. Not a typical woman Leon, CD is no ordinary woman. I don’t like purses, I am not obsessed with shoes, I don’t even like shopping that much. Just remember, CD = SPECIAL.

  2. aahhh, I used to wanna ba an astronaut! Until I realised hated physics sucked at chemistry and still could not count. I think that is a spectacular pressie. Mi wi buy it fi yuh when mi win de lotto 😉

  3. I’ve had a fasciantion with the planets, space and astronomy since I was a child. I too would love a telescope! (Actually though, I’d much prefer if my new wheels would reach in time for the season…..) 😉

  4. CD, before you spend big money on a telescope, I would advise three things. First off, if you want to see massive, colourful, nebula, close-ups of distant planets home, it isn’t going to happen. Those pictures in the astronomy magazines come from huge telescopes, with the aid of computer enhancement. Secondly, cheap telescopes are just that. If you are not paying at least US$500, then there huge compromises in the optics and hardware. Thirdly, if you have not done so already, buy a decent ($80-$200) pair of binoculars with a large objective lens, (light gathering is much more important than magnification). I would also recommend a tripod or monopod. Please don’t pooh-pooh binoculars until you try them. First time I seriously perused the skies with binoculars, I “found” a comet. OK, it was not new to science, but it was not being publicised in the popular press, and neither I, nor my astronomically inclined wife knew it existed. So what did I buy my wife? A Meade ETX 125; compact, excellent optics, computerized cellestial locating, but it has, like most telescopes, spent far too much time in the cupboard.

  5. Thanks for the advice firefly. I told myself I would spend about US$1.000 so I may be able to spring for a good one. I already have a multi purpose tripod.

    Gooders, hury up an’ win di lotto nuh!

    Spice, you sound so excited and so am I!! Love your elf name too! Really seems to be accurate.

    OK, my son is jumping on the keyboard so Ok have to stop now and give him 100% attention!! Him jealous yu si!

  6. One more piece of advice, get hold of a copy of “Nightwatch” by Terence Dickinson which beside being an excellent field guide, has a very good chapter on selecting a telescope. Even if you have to order it from Amazon, it will be worth the wait.

  7. Well Fyrfly said a mouthful. I would add that the normal rule of thumb applies here too…”you pay for what you get.” It’s not a cheap venture. Fren of mine took the plunge some years ago and at that time he racked up a good US$1000.00

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