20 Ways to Heat Up Your Love Life in 2007


These tips came in an email from one of my dearest friends, sourced from The Sunday Mirror; London, Powered by Yellowbrix. Enjoy.

1. Throw out the old and bring in the new. Look through your underwear drawer, throw out those graying pants, and buy yourself some sexy replacements. You’ll feel great and your partner will love it, too. Take a look at www.marksandspencer.com or www.bravissimo.com.

2. Say what’s on your mind in 2007. All too often we expect our lovers to be mind readers, to magically know what we want. But if you’re not happy with your love life, then talking about the problems is the first step to sorting them out. Once your partner knows what you desire in bed, then he or she can start to make your erotic dreams come true.

3. Forgotten the art of seduction? Make it your resolution to brush up your skills of flirtation and seduction, even if you’re in a long-term relationship. Anticipation is an essential ingredient. Tease your partner by sending him or her erotic texts at work, or casually leave a few buttons of your blouse undone. The anticipation of what awaits them later will get pulses racing.

4. Great sex utilizes every sense … and smell is one of the most powerful. Sweat contains powerful attracting pheromones. Some love the natural scent of their partner and enjoy getting down-and-dirty after a good workout in the gym. If you prefer something sweeter, splash out on some new scent in the new year sales. But beware — an overpowering pong can be a turnoff.

5. Wining and dining is a great way to start an evening of romance, but have you tried introducing food into the bedroom? Many foods are famous for their aphrodisiac qualities. There’s no such thing as a perfect love potion, but sharing opposite ends of an asparagus spear or licking chocolate from your lover’s thighs can certainly get the juices flowing.

6. With all the anticipation a new year brings, don’t forget to play it safe and always use condoms in 2007. If your man refuses, then suggest that he look elsewhere for love. There are lots of designs, sizes and even flavors to choose from. Some even have ribs to enhance clitoral stimulation, essential for a truly memorable night.

7. Make 2007 the year to try something new. In a long-term relationship, it’s easy to get into a rut, performing the same sex positions every time, but there are many sensational sexual positions to try, some more athletic than others! Some positions are better for deeper penetration; others for stimulating the G-spot. Make it a resolution to try one new position a month and find out your favorites. Take a look at www.loversguide.com/ for illustrated examples.

8. Get to know yourself better in 2007. Through self-exploration, learn how you like to be touched, then teach your lover. Many people are a little shy of touching themselves at first, so make sure you can’t be disturbed. Start by stroking your body, avoiding the genital area. When you feel more confident, explore your genitals and find out the type of touch and pressure you enjoy.

9. Be adventurous … sex doesn’t have to be confined to the bedroom. The bathroom is a great alternative. The sensation of water falling down your body can be very sensual, and the shower or bath are relaxing places for self-exploration or getting to know your lover’s body better. Next time your partner takes a long soak, offer to scrub his or her back.

10. Make 2007 a playful year and try a few new sex toys. If you’re not comfortable using vibrators, there are several discreet models to get you started. And sex toys aren’t just for women — men enjoy the sensation, too. When making love, if your partner has his or her hands full, a vibrator can stimulate the areas that can’t be reached. You can even get vibrators that link to your MP3 player, allowing you to move to the music or, alternatively, give him control and use a vibrator that responds to his text messages. For more information take a look at  www.lovehoney.co.uk or www.annsummers.com.

11. The new year is a time to put arguments behind you and move into 2007 with a new, positive attitude. If your relationship has been going through difficulties, then try to approach next year with a fresh outlook. Instead of dwelling on the problems of 2006, focus on the positive attributes of your partner and the qualities you like about him or her. Use these as a foundation to improve your relationship. For more help with relationship issues, take a look at www.relate.org.uk.

12. Pay more attention to foreplay in 2007. The average woman takes 25 to 30 minutes to reach climax, whereas a man can take as little as 10 to 12 minutes. While the occasional “quickie” can be exhilarating, most women need a little warming up in bed. As most women can’t climax without stimulation of the clitoris, foreplay is sometimes the most enjoyable part of lovemaking … so don’t ignore it. When it comes to techniques of oral sex or masturbation, there are various tricks you can try. But the best way to know what works for your lover is through trial and error. Use your tongue and fingers and experiment with different pressures, then judge your partner’s response. And don’t forget to ask them to show you what they do when they stimulate themselves alone. Often, they are already an expert in what they enjoy.


13. Go on a voyage of discovery in 2007 and discover something new about your lover. There are many erogenous zones that are often overlooked during lovemaking — for example, the back of the neck or wrists.  Other areas to try are the scalp, ears, collarbone, underarms, knees and feet.

14. Talking dirty during sex raises the erotic temperature and shows your desire, so try getting a little dirty in 2007. If you’re used to making love in silence because of sleeping children or force of habit, then you may feel a little inhibited at first. But whispering sexy thoughts in your lover’s ear can really spur him on to new heights of arousal. Try a few phrases and see what happens.

15. Fantasy is a great way to get sexually excited and is used by both men and women. There’s nothing wrong with losing yourself in your favorite sexual fantasy, either on your own or when making love to your partner. It increases arousal and can be the little extra stimulation needed to reach climax. Find inspiration from sexy magazines or films or from erotic literature.

16. Always harbored a secret desire to make love to a fireman or be walked on by a woman in high heels and suspenders? Then this is the year to make it happen. If you’re in a relationship, then suggest playing some dressing-up games to add a little spice to your sexual repertoire. If you’re single, then you may be lucky enough to find a willing partner or discover a like-minded person by looking at the various Web sites dedicated to your fantasy. But, as with all internet introduction services, do be aware of safety issues and proceed with caution.

17. A little light bondage is a great way to experience something new. Use a silk scarf or quick-release handcuffs and take it in turns to be tied down while the other tantalizes and teases your body. Enjoy the sense of control or the release that comes from being at the mercy of another.   But always follow the safety rules. Decide a word or gesture that will immediately end the game and never leave a person tied up in a room alone.


18. Lack of time and opportunity is probably the biggest barrier to enjoying a great sex life, so make time for your lover in 2007, even if it means having sex in the afternoon to fit in with young children. Prioritize your sex life … you’ll be happier for it.


19. You don’t become a great lover overnight, and what works for one couple doesn’t for another, so be realistic. Allow the sexual repertoire with your partner to develop and grow with the relationship. Don’t expect to be swinging from the chandeliers on your first date.

20. Learn the art of seductive massage in 2007. It’s a wonderful prelude to lovemaking. Get your lover to lie naked in a warm room with dim lighting. Use some aromatherapy oil as you knead and massage his back, buttocks and thighs. The rhythmic movement will get your partner relaxed and ready for love.


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  1. Ok, I have some underwear that I have not worn as yet, I’ll definately be wearing them this year. And I definately will be trying to say what’s on my mind this year, no matter what the outcome.

  2. Useful tips. I doubt my underwear will be the one that needs changing.The average Jamaican would call some of the stuff like bondage a little freaky.

  3. Hey, did I not comment on this before?

    You can count on CD to have some advice to boost up the sex life 🙂

    Hey CD, why yu bloglinks and everything else gone down the bottom?

  4. CD, your blog’s really got de holistic approach (improvin’ quality of life, sex, family, etc.). Your tips are practical, unlike a mag tip that stated how to practise oral with fruit: “There should be no teeth-marks on the ripe banana, but you should have managed to flatten it with your lips/mouth.” HUH?!

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