He’s A Snake!


Hey Blogville.  Just a quick hello from CD.  Busy as hell taking care of my men and preparing to go back to work … 19 days from now!! 😦 😦 😦

I got this email and just had to share it.  I hope you enjoy.

Click Here.


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  1. The Back to Work feeling always sucks, no matter how far away it is!

    I got that email from one of my coworkers since week, that clip is so funny!

  2. …Thought the clip was sad. She was also humiliaed on national radio, and seems to have no intention of leaving the snake.

  3. 19 days goin’ by fast, eh, CD. Hopefully, your little guy’s bondin’ wid his new caregiver by now. Hush, luv, mi know how ruff that kinda partin’ is.

  4. Oh so you decided against the nursery?

    19 days huh? Well I won’t remind how fast those days will fly.

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