I know that title has gotten your full attention and you are wondering … what does it mean?

 Does it mean she will be giving up her blog?  Does it mean she is leaving Jamaica?  Does it mean she is no longer a straight, man-loving female and is now a lesbian?  What does it mean??????  For those who live in Jamaica, the term is a very familiar one and can be interpreted in many many ways including those I listed above.

 So, what is it that I’m saying?  Since I don’t want to be a bad girl like the last time around, I’m sharing with the blogosphere that I am expecting my 2nd child!  Yes, you can take your jaws off the floor now.  It is true!  My 2nd bundle of joy should arrive in August.

 Now, what does this mean for CD, who already has not had enough time to maintain regular posts, keep you on your toes with her infectious wit, charm, humour and controversial topics?  One thing is for sure, I will not take this blog down and I have no intention to stop blogging anytime in the near future.  It gives me an outlet I can call my own to express myself, say what I want the way I want as often as I want.  So rest assured, I will never be “gone” from the blogosphere.

Take care everyone.


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  1. Miss CD yu nuh easy yu know. We had got the feeling that you were loving the staying home thing, and you might think you’ve hit upon the perfect strategy to achieve this, but uhm, I don’t think it’s sustainable yu know! hehe.

    Nuff, nuff congrats girl. You the two little ones can grow up together. Good plan. Hope next one will be a lil girly.

    Awright I’m gone back to the grind er I mean the work, I mean….

  2. whaaat!! congratulations girl!!
    I been missing in action myself.. I now start catching up on my favourite blogs. Yay for you!! Yuh nah ramp my girl!

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