I am so intolerant people with no backbone.  Why do people find it so hard to stand up for what is right, what they believe in?  I place high value on integrity and courage.  I strongly dislike cowards.  I especially hate cowards who are desperately afraid to speak up for themselves when it really counts and when it can make a difference, and rather expect me to speak on their behalf.  They talk in every other forum and not in one that can make things better for them.  I’m perceived as the “bull and duppy conquerer” where I work.  Someone wants something done, they come to me.  Someone wants something said, raised as a concern, they come to me?  Whaapen?  Dem nuh have mout’ fi demself?  It irks me so. 

One thing that can be said about me, I stand up for principles.  I have scruples and cannot be bought by anyone with anything.  The display of spineless behaviour is something that exists in the entire society and we as a people take a lot of bull shit without taking a position and sticking by it no matter what.

We need to have balls (guts for women) and be resolute in our cause.  The more I think about it, if people like Marcus Garvey, Paul Bogle and Sam Sharp didn’t have balls, we would probably still be in slavery today.


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  1. I do agree with you that people need to stand up for something and make their voice be heard, but unfortuneately their are always some who will never fail to cower.

  2. Can I say “here here” to this one. Had this same discussion about my class on Thursday gone. One of these days I’ll tell the story.

  3. I agree. Jamaica would be run better if there we more people willing to take a stand. Mankind has grown weak indeed. I guess it’s good in a way, for without the spineless, who would the strong have to compare themselves against?

  4. True words Kami. Everyon e has the fear of not being liked, being chastised or victimised. Mi nuh inna dat a raas. You’re not going to like everyone and everyone is not going to like you. I will tell the story at a later date.

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