Corruption At It’s Best


Yesterday, I witnessed corruption at its best.  First let me say that I don’t know why I displayed such surprise at what I saw, but it just brought home the reality that almost everyone has their price.

I was exiting the Portmore Mall, for those who know our wonderful city, the side which houses the pharmacy, close to the Mothers Restaurant, an area which is always plagued with dreaded taxi men almost hijacking and shoving people into the taxis, an area which is also regularly patrolled by the police to have them removed from the area.   Well, yesterday, I did see police on spot, collecting their bribe money from the taxi men, in a bid to allow them to stay.  I slowed down a bit, got the vehicle #, but not the license plate # as there were persons honking their horns behind me.  I really wanted to make a report to the BSI.

No wonder law and order can never be maintained in our wonderful country and city.  It is no surprise that the BSI have been capturing several members of our security forces engaging in taking bribes and fattening their pockets while encouraging lawlessness.

Each one of us can make a difference and the more we turn a blind eye to these actions, the worse it will be for us and our children.


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  1. Sad isn’t it. Instead of educating themselves, these cops go bad, feeling that society owes them something, and when they’re caught, they use their low pay to justify it.

  2. Yup i have heard several of those stories, but seeing it in action really drives it home. It’s corruption like this that keeps our country going down a slippery path.

  3. *sigh* it happens all over eh? Jus gotta keep holding your head high and doing what you can..

    I await your post on the Sara Lawrence drama..

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