The news of Sara Lawrence, Miss Jamaica World 2006, relinquising her crown has created quite a stir here. For those not in the know, Sara relinquished her crown this week because she is pregnant and has decided that she wants to have her baby.

What is interesting is the statement issued by the promoter of the Miss Jamaica pageant, suggesting that Sara could have chosen to have an abortion, but opted not to. Of course, he didn’t say it in those few words, but in a more diplomatic way. You can read what he said here. Sara’s statement seems heartfelt but I can only imagine the turmoil going on in her mind and her life at this time. We know what it is like being in the public eye, you can almost never show your true feelings. Upon checking the website this a.m. I saw a statement from Julia Morley, which give a completely different feel from that of Mr Haughton-James.

This is clearly a very sensitive topic.  I have to assume that it is a part of the conditions of being the queen that you cannot get pregnant.  Yes, she isn’t married.  So are several other women in Jamaica.  Everyone talks about the example she will set if she retains her title.  I’m not sure she is setting an example worse than most women in the world today.  As Julia said, this is more likely to happen as we are in the 21st century.

I think the decision for her to relinquish the title is noble, yet, I don’t believe that her impact on the world would be any less because she is pregnant.  I don’t believe that her contribution to the various causes she supports would be received with scorn or less enthusiasm.  I guess it is just a matter of setting and living up to a standard that has been in place for many many years.  I don’t know what I would do if I was in her position.


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  1. qoute from perkins online “miss lawrence is free to put what ever she decides/desires inside her body”. semen or whatever…..

  2. Personally, I think they should just ‘llow di girl! Come on now, can anyone point out even one girl who really looks to Miss Jamaica for the example she sets?
    I think the whole thing is a bunch of rubbish and I commend Julia Morley for her position. I hope Mickey Haughton-James will follow her example.

    What I want to know is, exactly what Mickey was referring to as an error of judgement? The fact that she got pregnant or that she never chose to “dash weh di belly”?

    Also, why did her parents even issue a statement? Just support di girl, you no haffi say nothing to the media…

    Oh well…

  3. an everyday event given a glamourous spin. While I support a womans right to choose if she has a baby and I think the whole drama is ridiculous.. I think there were other options.. such as the morning after pill.. I mean, come on, If I am on a one year contract for something that has as one of its conditions.. don’t get pregnant.. I don’t think it could possibly be that hard to make sure that it didnt happen… back up, pre and post.
    That said, in life any number can play.. and I respect how she has chosen to deal with her reality.. It really can’t be easy.
    Good Luck Sara!
    ps. Julia Morely rocks!

  4. The drama is ridiculous and as mb says – who honestly looks up to Miss Ja to set an example?

    The girl is 23 and has her degree – i don’t think that having a baby at this stage in her life is quite the calamity that they are making it out to be !

  5. I thought her parents statement was really bitchy…..Agree with Mizz Spice, tis hard to get pregnant, just pop a pill or wrap it up for year…jeezz…

  6. I just put up a post today on teh same issue. Great minds think alike huh? Whether or not she’ll be allowed to keep it is irrelevant, because she’s given it up.

  7. hmmm, I understand the position as an X beauty queen myself. It is a political enviroment and Sara made a choice that was right for her. Unfortunately that choice comes with consequences:

    Being Miss JA would have openend up many National and Internationl opportunities that she will now have to relunquish. Think you all need to be real — no one would want their daughter on the brink of a life changing moment to announce to de world say she a breed nuh ‘ave nuh husband.

    Of course a baby is a life changing experience but dis chick is brave and deserves a lot of support.

    @ MB: I still look up to beauty queens and think the work they do is valuable. Lisa Hanna is one of my heroines! If we look at beauty queens who played the game and played it smart you will really see how much they gave up.

    Thousands of women consider these X beauty Queens ROLE MODELS.

    Oprah Winfrey
    Halle Berry
    Vanessa Williams

    It will be interesting to see how Sara’s life unfolds.

  8. Well whatever she decides or has decided it’s her choice and only hers. What amazes me is the open suggestions for abortions (which are still illegal I might add outside of certain circumstances). The last time I checked retaining a Miss Jamaica crown was not among the circumstances.
    My only hope is for her continued success in whatever path she takes.

  9. Well, I would say that she not on the brink of anything! She would have had to give up the crown again by September, I think. Half of her reign is already over.

    I take your point, GG, re the other X beauty queens, well Oprah anyway. Was Oprah really a beauty queen?

  10. Having slept with many ex-beauty queens, I am more likely to be the cause of problems like this, than the solution…

    I broke out the tiny violin and fiddled a ditty for the poor girl. I can sympathise, as my three kids unwittingly wrecked my chances of ever becoming the beauty queen I was destined to be…

    I would really have preferred if she had to relinquish her reign because she spread the pink in a porno-mag, a la the beautiful [and way more famous for it…] miss Vanessa Williams… Roaarrrrrr!

  11. Sara was a advocate for safe sex and spearheaded a campaign by Jamaica AIDS Support.

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