Another Funny for the Cricket Fans … ugh!


Sounds Familiar, WI fans ??

What did the spectator miss when he went to the toilet?
The entire Pakistani Innings.

Where do Pakistani batsmen perform their best?
In Advertisements.

When would Rana-Naveed have 100 runs against his name?
When he is bowling.

What is the most proficient form of footwork displayed by Pakistani batsmen?
The walk back to the pavilion.

How to increase the chances of Pakistani batsmen playing out the entire 50 overs?
Try giving them two innings to begin with, then try three and so on.

What is the Pakistani version of a hat-trick?
3 runs in 3 balls

What is the height of optimism ?
Inzi coming out to bat applying sunscreen on his face.

Hehehehehe ….


9 responses »

  1. AHHAHHAAH! The new bride was funny.. but the Pakistani one is bes!
    All I know is we better not laugh too hard eh? We’e been there.. hopefully we won’t go back! That said.. AHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!

  2. Cruel. Not nice CD. Now having done my civic duty…these are good…gonna copy them to some friends. I’m sure they’ll change them around to the WI.

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