Gay Gay Gay


I’m so sick and tired of hearing all these incidents involving supposedly gay men. 

I’m tired of hearing that a panty shortage exists for women because gay men are reportedly buying up all the female underwear. 

I’m fed up of hearing who is gay, who is on a gay tape, who attended a gay party, who is going to reveal their high profile gay sex partners if they don’t stop getting harrassed. 

I’m tired of watching the news and seeing police rescue gay men from stores being ambushed by the public because of the way they are dressed and the way they behave.

I’m tired of gay men, using marriage proposals as a put off and a detractor for people who think he is gay.

For the record, I believe that people are entitled to their choice of sexual orientation.  To each their own.  However, if you live in a society where your choice is an unpopular one, and one that could possibly land you in the hospital or dead, I would keep out of the limelight, keep things on the downlow and be real about the society in which you live.  If you live in an anti-gay society, why would you publicly display affection to another man at a party that is not a gay party?  Why would you get on bad on a stage or in front of 100s of spectators?  I mean, c’mon.  Let’s be real here.  No one who is not like you wants to see you wining up on another man.  No one who is not like you wants to see you and your partner shopping for lingerie and commenting on how sexy you look in that underwear.  Wi nuh waan see it!! Keep it to yourself.

When will they get it?  They are trying so hard to get noticed and for their way of life to be accepted by the general population.  They better get a reality check.


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  1. My sentiments exactly. You know you live in a homophobic society so why flaunt it in places where you know that there is a higher than normal possibility of you being killed.

  2. I”m telling you man i’m sick of this shit as well. I saw some videos on youtube of some of them having a party in montego bay.. trust me.. its the most disgusting thing i ever saw. they gonna continue until an all out war is waged. God is really coming back for his world parishes will end up being burnt just like sadom and gomaru (spelling).

    The man them all claim akon song as them athem (nobody wants to see us together) the poor artist trying to make a girl tune and the tek it up on them self to talk bout a fi dem anthem. .unuh ded awf man.

  3. This arguement is contradictory. Live and let live is the ideal. Not live and mek mi know an mi a guh kill yuh!

    I can not support your contention. For those of us that live in institutionally racist societies. It is like them saying to us, we know that you are here but if you choose to stay then shut up and put up with our ignorant biligerant and disrespctful attitudes.

    The same way when we used to march and orgainise politically they used to beat us, hose us, set dogs on us unitl we were able to win a modicum of human and civil rights.

    That is not the attitude of civilised and comapassionate individuals.

    Gay people are fighting their own battle for social recognition and a right as human beings not to be tortured or murdered by blood thirtsy ignorant individuals who live in their communities.

    Yuh nuh haffi see it, I agree but how else will gay people compel straight people to acknowledge their existence and treat them with the respect they deserve as children of God?

    Oonuh need fi ret’ink da one deh.

  4. What I found amazing was the news report that a funeral was attacked because the deceased was gay. That was a first for me

  5. I feel kind of sorry for them. I’m just trying to imagine being in love/lust with someone and can’t even give a simple hug, an affectionate snuggle like heterosexual couples do unless at home. It must be tedious.

    I’ve been trying to do a post on this, it’s just so involved though.

  6. What is abnormal is abnormal. In nature like poles repel so if two like poles because of their power to alter nature, seek to attrach, then their abnormal behaviour should not be sought to be made normal. These people should recognize their shortcomming and not asked to be accepted as normal. I hate to think that my children will be given alternative to what is normal by nature.
    Whilst I do not advocate violence of any kind I do believein respect. Respect to the forces of nature. Like poles repell unlike forces attract.The natural law should be respected.

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