Still Around


There is so much going on and I wish I had a chance to blog.  I don’t even have time to scratch my ass these days as I count down to the Big Drop!  Yeah, only 15 more days at work and 22 days to the big day.  So, I’m literally rolling around, can bearly walk much less stand for more than 15 minutes on a good day.

But, just to let you know I’m still around.

I’m sure you are all aware that Jamaica is in the peak of its election season and as such, the drama has begun.  The drama actually begun long before but now that The Prime Minister has finally ended the suspense and announced the nomination and election dates, the country is now in a frenzy.  The controversy surrounds the length of time between the nomination (August 7) and election day (August 27).  Political Analysts were predicting an election date of July 31 and most were disappointed that we would have to wait so long.  The opposition party was also quite pissed off about this saying that the Jamaica people were shafted.  I don’t entirely agree with that statement, but do believe that it is not in the best interest of the country to have such a protracted period of time which could allow for more violence to perpetrate our island home.  The defacing of billboards, the stoning of campaign supporters, is now a daily feature on the news casts.   My was hoping to cast my vote before my bundle of joy arrives but nothing will stop me from going to the polling station on August 27 to exercise my democratic right.

On another note, Digicel’s Rising Stars 2007 has gotten into high gear and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Apart from the fact that I’m still without cable (yes people, I’m living with local TV), I have been thoroughly enjoying local programming and a few of my cable favourites as well.  This year’s competition looks a bit tight but I have a few favourites and a few I’m still wondering how the judges could have picked them for the preliminary 10.  I’m anxious to see who Anthony’s wild card is.  So, come hell or high water (unless I go in labour) will I miss rising stars this Sunday night.  Neither do I want to miss Friday night’s elimination show.

That’s it from CD for now.  I’ve had a chance to check a few of your blogs when I have a minute or 2 to spare cause I definitely want to stay connected.  Don’t want to be forgotten or moved to the MIA section of anyone’s blogroll.  So, still around, hope you’re all still reading and I miss you all so much.

 Luv Ya!  Muuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

CD – the cool ruler 🙂


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  1. Good to hear from you again CD! Time is certainly counting down for the “big day”!

    Yeah election is certainly in gear and all kind of foolishness going on!

    I have not watched much local TV since I came back from vacation, then again I have not watched much TV. But I have ssen a few of the Rising Stars competition.

  2. Only 22 more days huh? By the time you quint it will be here. Promise.

    Yeah, I’m also thrilled that Rising Stars is back. I’m so pleased that Nadine’s wild card from last year is among the top 10. And I like that Sing-Jay girl.

    Take care o’ yourself and that belly o’ yours 😉

  3. Anthony’s wild card was disappointing this time. I guess because he’s such a no-nonsense judge, and because Nickeisha was so good last year, we all expected another winner from him.

  4. I too like the singjay. I am in the process of choosing the contestant I will be bringing. So far I also like Deh Deh and Jodian Pantry as well as Oneil Peart. Anthony’s wild card was a big joke.

  5. Plenty good singers this year, Inga is back with a vengeance, did you catch her outfit Sunday? Girl is hot! It’s going to be painful for me this year because I like several of them. I like Inga, singjay, the other girl, that other girl again (don’t remember names), Nadine’s wild card from last year and guitar guy.

    Glad to see you around the blog community, even if it’s just commenting.

  6. Well, I’ve finally made up my mind that I’m bringing Jodian Pantry. I deliver on Friday coming so … I’ll see you all when I’m back on the road!!

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