She’s Here


Well, I still don’t have internet at home yet and have to be sponging but have to keep my blog peeps up to speed on what’s happening.

My daughter is finally here, arriving on Friday, August 10 at 9:26 a.m.  Mommy, Daddy, Baby #1 and Baby #2 are doing just fine.

On another note, we survived Hurricane Dean.  New home stood up fairly well.  Have gotten back light and always had water so I’m back in business full time.

Can’t wait for September 3 to come and go. This election season is totally getting to me right now.  I’m enjoying the political ads though … some of them are really hilarious.  Rest assured also that I’ll be casting my ballot on Election Day.

Rising Stars has lost it’s pizzazz to me.  The performances are not up the standard I want, mostly because of the selection of songs, boring and not complementary to the contestants voice.  Still watching every episode though … that’s what no cable does to you. Cable or not though, I’m a rising stars fan and would still be watching.  I feel Jodian will be voted off tonight who was my rising star.  If she goes, I’ll be moving on the Kyino Cunningham.  Not feeling the other ladies at all and he and Romain “Rum Ram” Virgo have been bringing it in my opinion.  So, let’s see how it goes.

Just checking in as usual so I’ll post again as soon as I can.

Luv Ya.


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  1. I don’t mind the whole election thing (save the violence of course). Congrats on your new arrival. Don’t watch Rising Stars much.

  2. She came! Have I been away that long? Why do I get the feeling that I had said congrats already? I’m not seeing a comment from me here.

    Mom, Dad, boy, girl – just purrfect! Quite nice. Oh, no yet complete, you need a dog now 🙂

    Congrats girl.

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