While we are on this no internet topic


Well, my situation regarding the internet and cable slightly improved since my last post, having now signed up with Flow.  They have said they will start installations on October 1 and I’m so praying this doesn’t mean Christmas or new year.

What has been happening is that I’ve been getting ideas to post about stuff that has been happening both to me and in the world in general.  Of course, there is no internet for me to just jump on and start blogging.  Ok, so I decided that I was going to type them up in Word and save them so that I can post them when I come to my peeps crib once a week to check email.  Great!  The baby won’t allow me to do that.  She is such a demanding little lady … So, I have decided now that I will physically write  them … yes, with a pen/pencil and paper since typing is not a big deal for me (120 wpm).  I’m too lazy to do that!  Just the thought of actually writing a whole post gets my knickers in a twist!  The only thing I write is my supermarket shopping list and my signature.  Everything else is typed.

So, how do I fix this dilemma?  I have no clue.

There was an interesting article in the X-News titled “How To Catch A Player”.  I cut the article out to keep it and it’s just as good cause I can’t seem to find the article on the online version of the weekly tabloid.  I found it interesting as it was a Player’s guide to how women can actually land a player.  He basically said that players are all in it for the kill.  It’s about wining and dining, sweet talking a woman until she gives in to his sexual advances after which he moves on to the next unsuspecting victim who will give up the coochie before he can say “let’s have desert”.  He further explained that players like women who appear to be a challenge, one who is acting tough and not flinching at his valiant attempts of wooing with his tongue (with words of course).  Men who are players are intrigued by such women and are more inclined to want to settle down with a woman who doesn’t open her legs the first time he says hello.

Now, I believe people can change.  I believe this because I have.  Back in my days before I was in a committed relationship, I was somewhat of a player being a naughty girl at times.  When you meet someone that makes you think differently about life, and make you feel like you want to settle down, you will.  On the other hand, you hardly find men wanting to give up the player lifestyle.  It is just too sweet knowing that you have 5 women lined up who are willing to fulfil your every  need at your mere request, too sweet having women ringing off your phone just to get some time with you.  The massaging of the ego that these things bring, make it a tad bit harder for a man to decide to settle down … note, not saying impossible, but harder.

So, how many of my readers are players or have transitioned to the faithful partner every woman dreams of?? Tell CD your story!

More time everyone.


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  1. Don’t worry. Flow is very punctual. I got my Internet from them within a week. As for myself, I’m not a player. I like a woman that puts up a little resistance, but not too much. There’s too many women on the earth to devote so much energy to pursuing one.

  2. Well let’s hope Flow honour their agreement, and you’ll be good to go with your highspeed internet!

    I’m not a player…I just crush a lot! LOL! Just kidding, but I’m really not a player, although I do have a little wild side.

  3. No player here either.
    As for Flow, hope they honour their agreement. Been hearing some horror stories about their customer service response so…….

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