Sex and Christianity


My mother carried some newspapers for me to read last week which I got around to doing this week.  A particular article caught my eye with respect to sex and christianity.  You can check out the article HERE.  For the lazy ones among us who may not want to read the entire article, it is basically saying that once a couple is married, it is no holds barred in the bedroom, with anything and everything being acceptable.  Yes people, doggie style, 69, anal sex, the works.

For me personally, I believe that Christianity has evolved so much in the last 20 years that I begin to wonder what denomination will emerge this week and what their doctrines will be.  We see where catholics, long known for their lack of support of condom use and contraception, to a somewhat wavering stance now that gives the impression that it is somewhat acceptable based on the situation the world is in today.

However, it seems gone are the days when christians were boring, scripture quoting, book-selling, condemning, holier than thou, non-pants wearing people.  Note though, that there are some religions who have remained steadfast in their traditional beliefs, not compromising their christianity despite a changing and advancing world.   For too long, Christianity was painted as this boring way of life.  Churches now have so many active groups for young people, singles, married people, women all of which engage in fun activities – excursions, community service – making the christian lifestyle more appealing especially to the youth of society who would quicker go to a Renaissance party or Fame Road Party (gosh I miss going to those). … But I digress?

Let’s talk sex.  When we go back to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah where God completely destroyed the city because of the immoral acts – including sexual immorality that was being practiced there, it leads me to wonder … if things are so bad, sick and twisted now, what were they doing back then which was so bad?  Were they engaging in oral sex, anal sex, bondage, S & M, beastiality, blah blah blah?  Once a couple gets married, the bible speaks to the husband belonging to the wife and the wife belonging to the husband.  It also speaks to the fact that a wife should not hold back sex from her husband and vice versa unless both parties have agreed to the sabbatical in order to pray.  (Yes people, this is in the bible – 1 Corinthians  7:1-6).

Now, the question is “Was sex designed for pleasure or for procreation?”  I believe it was designed for both.  We all know that if yu nah “back it up” or “wine pon it” or “wine pon yu” then yu nah seh nuttin in the bedroom.   Some women have now had to resort to watching the dancehall channel and porn in order to come up with new innovative ways to please their man in order to keep him happy and in her bed and her bed alone.  As the article says, there may even be a greater pressure on a christian woman to please her woman knowing what temptations lie out in the world with women willing to suck their husband’s dick and fling it up in all positions imaginable.  So what is a good, god fearing christian woman to do?  Continue to wife up her body, only lying down on her back when it’s time to have sex, and call it a day when her husband is done?  No way, dem days deh done.  I say to them, do all it takes.  The world is of such now that not even a ring on a man’s finger is stopping other women from wanting to be with him.   You are having sex/making love in the sanctity of marriage and if you are both comfortable with what you are doing, then I see absolutely nothing wrong in expressing your love for one another whether it be on your back, side, head top or on all fours.


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  1. I agree with you, was sex designed for pleasure and for procreation! If it wasn’t for pleasure we wouldn’t enjoy it so damn much! As for sex and Christianity, sex is not to be boring and a couple should be adventurous in the marital sex life. A married couple has authority to express their love and enjoy each other any way they want. I’m totally against the anal sex thing though, that is just plain nasty!

  2. Well I say once you’re married, all restraints are off. Not a fan of the oral sex thing, but that’s just me. Oh, and a ring makes a man more attractive. Chicks dig commitment.

  3. Love the topic and a well written view on your part. Yes, Christians sould relax and enjoy all the pleasures of ses. Nuh more lights off before de woman tek off she nightgown and thing so. Get your grove on and do de dogg…

  4. Hey been working since 7.00am non-stop and i have been doing some crazy hours in to the mornings… so a feeling the effect of it so a don’t read the post yet ..but want to tell you thx for stopping by and for the blog roll… you’ll be up in my cyber peeps before the day done

  5. Hey CD, Thanks for stopping by my blog……
    I too think that anything should go in the bedroom once BOTH persons are ok with it…..As a woman, i am willing to try anything (almost enything) at least once…..if i like it then i will do it again, if i dont care for it too much but it is importanat to him then we would have a discussion, i if really dont like it then thats that!!

  6. Make sure each other is comfortable, and communicate — communication is de ball that’s somehow gotta keep rollin’, & that’s no mean feat.

  7. although i’m a non-christian, i see nothing wrong with the belief that all is fair game once married. as melody stated though, there has to be communication. what’s the point in getting giddy about the possibilty of sticking it in her arse if she’s not even remotely comfortable with the idea? lol sorry to get graphic, but a friend of mine’s been holding out for a LONG time for his wife, and when he talks about all of the depraved things he “can’t wait to do to her,” it makes me chuckle to think that he may be in for a rude awakening…

    (or maybe she’s into that sort of thing, and he’ll be a lucky, lucky guy?)

  8. My girl!! Yuh sell off like celebrity wid dis ya posst!! *lightah inna di…*
    Oh excuse me. Let me be decent. I forgot that I am a Christian.
    I’m glad that you really painted the picture accurately in this one. Being stiff isn’t being saved. Be real & being honest at all times is more important. Once you take care of the scripture, then you should write your own scripture inna di bed. Ah so mi see it, but den again, mi a freak from long time.

  9. nature makes sex enjoyable so that we keep do it. Its a means to an end. Contraceptives are more found than pulling out. I hate coy christian girls 😐

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