Sell Off …


Well, what can I say.  Another year is coming to a close in a few hours.  What have we learnt?

1.    That politicians are pretty much the same, whether they are in power or in opposition … go figure …

2.    Jamaican people are so unrealistic it’s not funny.  What do they expect the new gov’t to achieve in 100 days?  C’mon people, get real.

3.    Sex and sexuality have taken over our society.  Every day there is a story of some sex tape, some 13 year old missing and found in orgy with five 20 something year old men, female students sleeping with taxi men for lunch money, etc. etc. etc.  There is not enough space on this blog to list all the sex stories for 2007

4.    The police force really needs help.  Is it just me or are we tired of hearing this story:  Police kill man in shoot out.  Residence say man killed in cold blood … ‘we want justis’ (yes, that’s what the placard reads). Can the new Rear Admiral Commissioner make a difference?  Let’s give him a chance.  One year to prove himself.

5.      Even celebrities come crashing down … Britney Spears heading the list.  Her baby sister, just shot it up to #2.

6.    Benazir Bhutto … dead … at least for a cause.  But why the cover up saying she wasn’t shot?? I don’t get it.  What can her 19 year old son do though?  Hopefully the dad knows what he’s doing.

7.      Asafa Powell … faas nuh raas!

8.    WI Cricket … is it on the way to a come back?  Let’s wait and see … I’m now a big cricket fan by the way.  From a hater to a lover .. RI, I can finally comment on your cricket blogs now 🙂

9.    The Portmore toll road opened, the boycott … not sure about that … no increase … yet … 2008 … I don’t know …

10.    CD loves the blogsphere.  Despite not having a constant internet connection for the past 8 months, I still managed to write a few posts, give a few comments, and have persons still coming by to check my page out.  Love unu … bad bad bad.

As I close the curtain on Patience is a Virtue for 2007, look forward to more insightful, interesting, no holds barred posts for 2008 … I’ll be coming bigger, better, raunchier, sexier and funnier than ever.

2008 a go sell off!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!


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  1. “with five 20 something year old men?” hmm.. I don’t remember that story…oh yes I remember now…or wait…hmm…

    happy new year

  2. Happy New Year CD! Good summary of the previous year. Didn’t know about the 13 year old girl in an orgy. Ugh!

  3. It was certainly a memorable 2007, for better and for worse. All the best for 2008. I’m excited to see what you have in store for all of us. Blessings mi sistren!

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