What a gwaan blog peeps?  Well, my company has officially blocked all “Social Networking” websites which means I can’t view any blogspot pages, I can still view wordpress pages but I can’t log in to make  a post!  This sucks big time and I’m still suffering at home without the internet and cable!  Yes people, I’m still living in the cave!  The promised that this month is the month so I’m waiting to see if they will deliver.

On another note, it seems that the changing of political courses is the order of the day with another Caribbean island – Barbados – sending a signal to the incumbent government with the opposition winning their general election yesterday.  Would love to hear how my bajan peeps feel about it!

On another nother note, I’ll actually be going to Barbados next week for a few days so, hopefully I’ll have something interesting to blog about after that trip.

CD still deh bout!


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  1. no social networking!
    that sucks major a$$!! hush lol
    i woulda just roll over and live….

    no actually i woulda find a way round it. they’ve tried that a million times here lol

  2. I’ve been unable to do any kind of fun things on the internet for a long time now. My company doesn’t put up with jack or jill for that matter.

    In any case, hang in there CD. Just like interest rates, you gotta believe that things will get better eventually.

    Thanks for visiting.

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