What to Write


I just went through all the posts I had written and saved pending me receiving the internet at home.  Now, the topics ranged from the sell out of the Miss World competition (2 months ago), my experience with the Registrar General’s Department in getting my daughter’s birth certificate (3 months ago) and some relationship advice (4 months ago).

Should I even bother to post these?  I think not.  I’d certainly feel stupid.

So, what should I write about?  Let’s see …

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I came home from work and waited for my boyfriend to come over.  I was still living with my parents and my mother was home at the time.  I still had my work uniform on  when he finally arrived.  We hugged and kissed like we always do when we see each other.  He proceeded to my room.  I then told him that I’d be right back and I went into the bathroom.

Before I knew what hit me, I felt my dress lifted up to my waist, my stockings ripped, my underwear pushed aside and … we were getting it on.  Now, the way my house was set up, the bathroom has a door, leading to the wash area, where my mother was doing some laundry.  Feeling him inside me was so exhilirating but I couldn’t ignore the fact that my mother was less than 1 foot away from us.  You can imagine me trying to be quite while being serviced.  Not an easy task for me at all.

This encounter was truly a quickie as before you knew it, we were cumming all over the place, my mother none the wiser and both of us the happier 🙂


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  1. A devil’s advocate perspective: yuh stay de believe dat mama nuh know wah happen.Mothers know everything. RESPECT and enjoy life.

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