A While


Well, well, well, it has been a while. So much going on in the world, so much going on in Jamaica, so much going on in my life and absolutely no time to write it all.

How y’all doing?  Miss me?  I hope so.  I think maybe not cause my last posts got very few comments so I have to say big up to those who stopped by and commented.  It means a lot!

I never knew that I could have grown to love blogging so much to the point where I felt so out of this world when I am not able to blog, read all those exciting posts out there and connect with the cyber world through this medium.

One thing that I found interesting recently was an article in the Star, front page headline “Gays Give Jamaica Deadline”. I know the gay topic is a very sensitive one but after reading the article, I wondered to myself how much power should another country have on dictating the law in another?  The part of the article that got me thinking says:

They want the Government of Jamaica to produce public service announcements denouncing homophobic/transphobic violence. They are also calling for a national homophobia/transphobia education cam-paign, and the repeal of the buggery laws and other legislation that further stigmatise, discriminate and criminalise consensual same-sex acts.

How can one country seek to change the laws in another country to suit a group of persons who are choose to be who they are and should also choose to live with the consequences or repercussions of that choice?

I know there are persons who read my blog that think that gays fighting for their rights to be accepted should be treated in the same way that blacks fought for their rights to end slavery.  I continue to disagree with this thought, as black people did not choose to be black, nor did they choose to be slaves.

I hope that the government will not bow to this type of pressure.  Yes, tourism is a major income earner for us and I agree that if Toronto takes this boycott to fruition, there may be other pro gay nations that will follow suit.  What is important is that our values are not compromised in any way, and that as a God-fearing nation who already has a lot on its plate to deal with in terms of violence, devaluation of our dollar to the US, increase in gas and food prices, double digit inflation, and the list goes on, need not be dealing with protecting gay persons who insist on flaunting their behaviour in public, despite the knowledge that it is not accepted by most and will not be tolerated by many.


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  1. The only thing I would say to this is that its not a country seeking to have us change our laws, its a group of homosexuals.

  2. As I understand it, gays did not chose to be gay just as blacks did not chose to be black or whites did not chose to be white. However, it is not right to use blackmail or force to get what you want be you gay, black or white.

  3. Sunset Man, it’s been a while! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’re good. I’ll check out your blog now that I know you’re back 🙂

  4. don’t feel bad…it’s been a while for me too. glad to see you back and posting. sometimes you do need a month or two off for a creative vacation. on my way to work now, so i’ll be back to read.

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