Another Big Step


I have finally submitted my application to pursue my Masters Degree after deciding I wasn’t gonna do it because I thought Masters were over-rated, way too expensive for me to afford and it didn’t guarantee me better pay, a better job or even a better life.  So, why have I finally decided to do it?  I have absolutely no idea.  It’s not like I’m gonna have a lot of time available to me with the already hectic and tiring life I’m already living … So … am I crazy?

No I’m not.  I am just at a place where I feel that my brain and by extension my intellect needs to be challenged or else I might start to deteriorate my brain power and become more of a blonde (sorry) by the day.  Also, the Masters I have chosen to do is not just a regular MBA.  I have chosen a specialization which I think will be more beneficial to me and should certainly be more interesting than the standard MBA.  I’m actually looking forward to it and wait anxiously to receive word from the school that I’ve been accepted so that I can start to worry about where I’m going to find 850 of the british pound to pay for the 11 subjects that make up the course!  Yes people.  Why does a masters have to cost so much anyway?  I mean, it costs more than a car, more than a deposit on a decent house, probably more than some people’s salary for the year!  Someone explain it to me please.

The good thing about the course, as I’ve come to find to be the norm with most of these courses these days, is that the classes and exams are held on a weekend.  I guess some smart ass who has a PHD (permanent Head damage according to my moms) finally realized that having classes during the day, during the week was not productive and certainly wasn’t attractive to the corporate world, from both the employee and employer perspective.

Speaking of employer … I wonder if my company would pay for this?????

More time people.


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  1. Go for it! I guess it’s expensive as it seems you need it for most management positions these days, which is supposed to give you better pay. And since it is so over-rated it is only logical that it will be over-priced! All the best!


    There, that is the link to the plugin which gets a commentor’s last post. Not sure the y have it on though. Maybe you can email them and ask them to provide it to everyone. Right now, it will only work on wordpress blogs you host yourself.

    Good luck with the masters… hope you make better use of it than I have done with mine.

  3. i wanna do one tooooooooo
    what i want to do is not offered out here tho 😦
    plus yeah,….i aint got that kinda cas 🙂

  4. That Masters has better be worth it! I want to do a Masters after I graduate too, but I want to spend a few years in the world of work first.

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