Hard Talk


For those of us who watched Hard Talk on BBC last night with our very own Orrett Bruce Golding, would certainly have been proud of his presentation to London and indeed the world.

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This show has a reputation for asking very tough questions and I must commend Brucie on handling himself with such confidence and demeanour and despite the tough issues he had to talk about – crime, poverty, homosexuality – he maintained his composure and made Jamaica proud. I can’t help but think if there had been another representative, in particular, our current leader of the opposition, how much damage could have been done to our reputation. Don’t get me wrong, Portia is a sweet sweet lady … but I don’t think that she could have withstood the fire of the questions by Stephen on Hard Talk.

One thing everyone needs to realize is that change doesn’t come overnight. Yes, election promises were made and one thing I can say about this present government is that they have the political will to turn those promises into reality. As a government, in power for 8 months, they have demonstrated fairness, inpartiality and the will to take unpopular decisions for the good of the country. They still have a long way to go and many many more promises to fulfil, but I am one Jamaican who is willing to give them the 5 years they have gotten to prove themself to the country.

With the uncertainty in politics now, and the possibility of a general election this year, pending the outcome of dual citizenship cases against both parties, we are indeed in for interesting times on the political arena. My hope is that it will not be plagued with partisan political activity, violence, curry favour politics and all the negative action associated with what we call the “silly season” in Jamaica.

What says you?


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  1. I found the gay comment very strange. How does he ensure no gays are in the cabinet? And how does being gay work against them.Didn’t get that at all

  2. I’m so glad Bruce was up there. If it was Portia, she’d probably warn Stephen not to “draw her tongue”.

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