Jamaica To Di Worl’


Well, the games of the XXIXth Olympiad came to a close this morning and what a game it        was.  The greatest show on earth lived up to that accolade from the spectacular opening ceremony to the tremendous closing ceremony, preparing us for 4 years from now when the Olympic torch will go to Great Britain to host the games.  I have already sworn to start saving so that I can be at the next Olympic games to watch history in the making.

What can I say about Jamaica and its wonderful performance and achievements in the games?  One thing is for sure – I have always been and continue to be proud to be Jamaican.  Despite the situation which exists in my home country, the crime, the violence, the inflation, there is no place like Jamaica on this planet.  Our little rock in the Caribbean managed to come 13th overall in the world out of 204 countries who participated in the Olympic games. That achievement is nothing to sneeze at.  6 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, 2 Bronze Medals – these pieces of metal represent the achievement of these athletes, the hopes of those who aspire to represent their country on the international stage, the dreams come true of youths in the inner city, who by virtue of the circumstances, think that they can achieve nothing, more than being a gun-toting criminal, the pride of a people united to celebrate the country’s achievements.  There are many pictures to see of persons gathered in Half Way Tree, New Kingston, Down Town Kingston, Montego Bay to witness history in the making.  What is this history? The first country to hold Gold medals and broken world records in the 100M and 200M in the same Olympic games.  Hats off to Mr Usain Bolt.  It is hard to turn a blind eye to true talent … and Usain definitely has it.

Hats off to Asafa Powell, who although didn’t give the people what they wanted in the 100M, made up for it in giving an outstanding performance in the 4X100M Relays, displaying his true form.  I will not be surprised if Asafa breaks Usain’s world record in the Grand Prix circuit in the next couple of weeks.  Watch it!

Congratulations to Shelly Ann Fraser, Melaine Walker, Sherika Williams, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Sherone Simpson, Kerron Stewart, Shereifa Lloyd, Rosemarie Whyte, Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt, Kenia Sinclair, Aileen Bailey, Deloreen Ennis-London, Bridgette Foster-Hylton, Novleen Williams, Michael Frater, Nesta Carter, Ricardo Chambers, Richard Ayre, Danny McFarlane, Maurice Smith, Maurice Wignall, Richard Phillips, Chelsea Hammond, Olivia McKoy, Bobby-Gaye Williams and all the rest whose names I cannot remember.

You have all done us proud.  You have brought Jamaica to di worl’ through your performance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Not only your stunning athletic ability, but the gully creeper, nuh linga and tek wheh yuself!  Everyone wants a piece of us now!

Jamaica to di Worl’!!!


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  1. I luvin the title for sure. Our medal count this Olympics is truly historic for our nation. In the face of some more recent scrutiny, it is always good to “tek it to dem.” Jamaica to di Worl fi true!!

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