More lightening … and lack of Gust(av)?


Here is an interesting article about Usain Bolt I thought I would share with the blogosphere.

In the mean time, I am off on some much needed vacation.  It is amazing how tired you get without actually realizing it until you take a minute to slow down. Yeah, I am beat!  So, I’m going to make the best out of this short week off and regroup. I have actually been off since last week taking care of my children as their day care had been closed for 1 week.  And it turned out to be a good thing I was off with Tropical Storm Gustav making its mark on Jamaica last week Thursday, August 29 only 10 days short of the passage of Hurricane Dean in 2007.  No damage to report from the home front, but the news has been carrying several disturbing pictures of devastation across the island.  Of particular mention is the collapse of the Hope River Bridge, leading to Bull Bay, Shooters Hill and St. Thomas.  There have also been deaths, 2 of which hit close to home with me being related to a co-worker of mine.  Although only a tropical storm, Gustav has certainly left it footprint on our island home.  I continue to pray for those affected and a speedy rehabilitation for those affected.  I think it is work mentioning that the JPS have been very efficient in their restoration of electricity across the island with approximately 80% having their power back by Saturday evening.  Wi cuss dem cause dem tief like whah, but I’ll give them where credit is due.

On another note, I am really feeling down about not being able to exercise.  Since I went back to work in December, my exercising has been reduced to 0.  I have already put on back most of the 50 lbs I lost after I had my daughter and I’m really not feeling good about that right now.  It is just so difficult to have a regimented exercise programme with 2 children under 2 years old to take care off, a full time job and a man.  The circumstances just don’t allow for me to get a meaningful hour of work out unless I’m going to wake up 1 hr earlier which would make it 4 a.m. or go to bed 1 hr later which would make it 11 p.m. which will mean , I won’t get enough rest and I’ll essentially be burning myself out.  I think I would feel much better and have a bit more energy if I started to work out but I just can’t get myself to start.  I would love some company to walk on the walking trail where I live … no such luck there.  Everyone has their own responsibilities, own schedule and none fit in to mine at this time.  So what do I do????  Any suggestions?  I could really use some.

Take care everyone.


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