What Tha???


I am on a much needed vacation.  It is incredible how tired one can get taking care of 2 children under 2 years old.  My 2 special angels were home with me last week.  Needless to say, by Wednesday, I was ready to tie them to the bed post and lock them up in their room.  They are a handful!  A bellyful and a mouthful.  Ok, so glad I took 2 weeks off and not 1 since after the first week, I realize I need a vacation after single-handedly taking care of them.

FF to Monday morning, 11:00 a.m.  Making my way to the computer to check email, catch up on the blogs I’ve longed to read for months … buck my little toe on a speaker box next to the computer table … cuss a claat at the pain I felt in the toe.  Sat down, still feeling pain in the toe but think it will wear off in a little while.  I get up about 12 p.m., went on the road did a little shopping.  Next thing I know, I start to feel this pain in my toe again.  When I get home, took my slippers off … Mi raas!  If yu eva si di toe … swell up, black and blue and even blacker at one particular spot.  I said to myself, mi toe bruck.  I went to the doctor and sure enough, mi toe bruck.  Yes people, CD’s little toe is broken … on my vacation … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

I am just taking it in smiles cause I didn’t have anything real important planned for this time off so this will force me to rest.  For that I’m glad.

So, I’m here hopping around on 1 foot.  The pain is not so bad today, only when I touch it. The swelling has gone down.  My biggest challenge is to keep the toe away from my son who is prone to jumping all over the place and can cause further injury to my invalid toe.

What a way to spend a vacation huh? Bummer.


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