Terrific 3


I’m probably Digicel’s Rising Stars biggest fan!  I wan’t into the 1st season much but every season after that has had me glued to my TV, waiting in anticipation for the performances, and then the results show to see who will get voted off.

Every year, I’m anxious to see the auditions right down to the last show when the winner is announced.  I have even planned to enter on 2 occasions, only to find out I’m knocked up … and somehow, apart from the fact that the hormones threw my beautiful voice out of whack, I don’t think a woman with child would have the star appeal required to win a competition like Rising Stars … but there is hope for CD yet!

So, 2008’s season has brought out another set of talented performers.  The top 3 contestants are somewhat who I expected, with the exception of the girl group trio, SLR, who, personally I think are not ready for the amount of work it takes to be a star.  They are 16 years old and their voices are good, but they need a lot of work to get to star status.  5-member boy group Kahlil have been performing well although I didn’t enjoy their last performance.  But … enters the “Denham Town Princess” Cameal Davis … she is a DIVA! Di girl can sing and she is a performer.  Anthony Miller, Jamaica’s Simon Cowell is absolutely captivated by her and how she appears so comfortable on stage.  I couldn’t agree with him more.  Her performances are stellar yet simple, excellent yet effortless.  She has a great voice and the personality that I think the Jamaican people will embrace.

It is now down to these 3, let’s see how the competition will end!


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  1. I am beginning to dislike it now. I find Digi getting quite highhanded lately but I still watch but just refuse to vote,

  2. Hi, I’m surfing around to meet other Caribbean bloggers, found yours through um, who was it now.. ‘Fro, I think.

    I predict SLR will win. They got this far, didn’t they?

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