Sister P Again!


In yet another PNP Presidential race, Portia Simpson-Miller has shown her longevity in retaining her seat as the President of the People’s National Party (PNP).  The results are as follows:

Vice Presidents

Harry Douglas 1,722; Sharon Hay Webster 1937; Wyckham McNeil 2,016; Joseph Witter 2,037; Fenton Ferguson 2,153; Noel Arscot  2,166; Derrick Kellier 2,302; Angella Brown Burke 2,562


Peter Phillips 1,959; Portia Simpson-Miller  2,332

Dear Sister P, let this challenge be a message to you.  You may be loved by the people, but that is not all it takes to run a party and a country.  You need to surround yourselves with people who will enhance your leadership, persons who will support you unconditionally, persons who will give you the right advice, persons who also have the country’s interest at heart.  This is no time for you to become complacent.  You were challenged, and valiantly so.  The fact that you have emerged victorious again, should be a signal to you of what you need to do in the future.  You could have easily lost this election, so thank your lucky stars that you have retained yoru presidency.  If you have any hope of being the head of the government of this country again, take heed.  One of the first things on your agenda should be to get rid of those persons who you have around you that are doing neither you or the party any good.  I have a few suggestions of those you could get rid of … I’ll email these to you personally.  While I understand the “woman time now” mentality that you have promoted and that seems to be on the lips of every one, remember that you need men too.  They may not be as smart as us women, but they do have a great contribution to make.  Stop being so pig-headed and LISTEN to the wise ones around you.  You will not be right all the time, and there is nothing wrong in admitting you were wrong or you didn’t know something. As you continue to lead this disunified, constant bickering, scandal-ridden, losing streak party, I wish you all the best.  If you should ever need a consultant to give you some pointers on how to lead the country, I would be more than happy to offer my services to you free of charge … yeah, right … a wheh yu tek dis ting fa?  We can discuss my fee later.




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  1. Am surprised she won. She didn’t impress me at all in the debate and with some of her comments during the campaign.

  2. Well she did it again! Once again she is the favorite of the so-called “grass root” people. And in a poor, undereducated country like Jamaica we have a lot of “grass root” people. But I’m not taking sides all politicians are the same as far as I am concerned.

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