It’s About Time They Exit Stage Left


It good bye SLR … finally!  I thought those girls would never leave Digicel Rising Stars 2008!  I am amazed that 3 cute little “chipmunks” as they are affectionately called, made it this far in the competition with that insanely annoying crooning of voices they call a singing group.  They should have made this exit a long time ago and I blame the judges who rescued them 2 weeks in a row earlier in the competition.

I know that if Cameal Davis had gone home last night, Digicel would have a small pickle on their hands because people would start to question the integrity of the competition.

The question now is, does Cameal have what it takes to knock 5 men from Montego Bay out of the water with her monster voice and amazing stage presence?  Can she out-vote them with odds of 5:1 against her?  Will she create history by being the first female ever to win the competition in its 5 year history?  Lots of questions … and 6 days to wait for the answer.  The Performance Show tomorrow is something to watch, with 3 performances – their best performance in the competition, a 80s hit and the judges pick – it will be a night of good entertainment and tension as we watch with fingernails in mouth and teeth chattering at the same time to see if they will bring it on this, the last performance show.

My bet is on Cameal.  I wish the Denham Town princess best of luck!


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  1. Don’t underestimate the text voting power of teenagers! That’s what kept them there. I don’t have a favorite, but it will be a great showdown!

  2. Stunner, remember they were in the bottom 2 for 2 weeks straight and the judges saved them … no voting power of teenagers roun’ ‘ere! Where dem get money to buy so much credit?

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