Spotlight! … At Last!!!


This is the song of the Digicel Rising Stars 2008 season sung by Cameal Davis.  This girl can sing.  The competition is stiff but … Cameal to di worl’!  Wanted to embed the video from YouTube but no such luck in finding  a code.  So, just check out the song and the video on your own.

Cameal Davis aka “The Denham Town Princess” … sell off.  Tonight was a great night of performances to say the least.  If Cameal doesn’t win, a lot of people are going to be pissed, even though it would by no means signals the end of her career. Talent Manager, Chris Smith, the celebrity judge on tonight’s show had nothing but praises for her voice, performance, command of the stage, etc.  in addition to telling her she was ready for the international market! The girl sang “At Last” by Eta James … a legend songstress and did poetic justice to the song. Khalil is a good group but it’s about time a lady take home this title!

Eta James’ At Last will take us out of this post.


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  1. I thought she did a reasonable rendition of that. My fave is Jennifer Hudson’s Spotlight. What them did say bout Portia? A woman time now, lol…

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