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Well, it seems all Jamaica has needed all this time was a local coach!  The Reggae Boyz have successfully won their last 2 matches against Mexico and Honduras respectively, 1-0.  This, done under the coaching of Theodore “Tappa” Whitmore.

Over the years, we have been investing in international coaches, paying big dollars for the supposed experience and exposure these coaches have.  This has in no way benefited Jamaica’s local football programme as since qualifying for the World Cup in 1998, we have not been able to achieve that feat since.  We are now on the last thread of hope for qualifying for World Cup 2010 in South Africa, with these 2 wins under our belt.  Depending on the outcome of the other matches in Concacaf, we stand to be in the running of the 4 teams which will represent the region at the 2010 games.

What peeves me is that, Whitmore, the interim coach who has managed to turn around the last 2 matches for the Reggae Boyz was not given the opportunity to show his value and talent without international assistance. John Barnes, a Jamaican national who has lived, played and coached in London has now been selected for the job after about 3 failed applications for the job of coach of the Reggae Boyz.

Can Jamaica continue this winning streak on November 19 when they face Canada in their final showdown to determine if they move to the next qualifying round? I wish them all the best.  It is going to take some doing for them to have a real chance as it comes down to the points standings.   With Mexico & Canada drawing 2-2 yesterday, they have both moved forward to the qualifying round, Jamaica will have to win against Canada and Mexico against Honduras for the Reggae Boyz to have a chance.

I remember the days of 1998 when I was at the National Stadium, affectionately called “The Office” at every single Reggae Boyz match played in Jamaica, fully decked out in my black green and gold, and even managed to paint a flag on my face on 2 occassions.  I miss those days!  All the best Reggae Boyz!

Jamaica to di Worl’ … again???

PS, on another note, don’t miss out on a chance to vote for the IAAF’s Male & Female Athlete of the Year.  Click Here to cast your Vote.


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  1. Maybe they should give him a change. People perform better when they have the right motivation coupled with good skills. Maybe Tappa gave them the motivation in his capacity to perform better and maybe he made the right choices in selecting the players. Hopefully the Reggae boyz will continue their winning streak

  2. Heard them talking on Fame this a.m. saying that the reason he wasn’t given the coaching job is because he isn’t certified by FIFA …… We need to start moving away from focusing only on credentials on paper and focus on what people can actually do. Not because I don’t have a Masters Degree doesn’t mean I can’t do just a good a job or better as someone who does …

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