My Hero


On this day of the celebration of heroes in Jamaica, I took the time out today to celebrate my own personal hero … no, it’s not superman, wonder woman or even Portia Simpson-Miller.

No, my hero is my very own dad.

He was one of the recipients of awards traditionally handed out on this public holiday for persons who have had meritous service to various causes, etc.  Yes, those boring awards that are carried live on free-to-air TV, held at Kings House very early in the morning.  This year, it was held at the National Indoor Sports Centre, pursuant to expected bad weather on the outside. With not a drop of rain in sight, we watched as various persons received their award today.  Among some of the notables wer Danville Walker for his contribution to public service, Peter Figouera for contribution the the Epidemiology Unit and HIV/AIDS research, The Very Reverend Father Richard HoLung for service to the poor and Mayor Desmond McKenzie, just to name a few.

Some questions I have about these awards …

1. How come it took so long for Father HoLung to get one?  He’s been helping poor people since I was in high school.  I hope today’s award was an upgrade for him.

2. Apart for awards ceremonies like these, what the hell does the Governor General do?  I mean, you never see or hear of him until there is some comment to be made or some award ceremony or some function where he is required to represent the queen?  How much $$$ does he get anyway?

3. Is it absolutely necessary to have a rehearsal to go up, bow or curtsey to receive the award from the GG?  C’mon … how hard can it be?

All of that being said, big up to CDs Daddy for his BADGE OF HONOUR FOR
MERITORIOUS SERVICE {BH(M)} in the field of Education!

Love you Dad … You are truly my hero.


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  1. @ Abeni … definitely … 40 years in the teaching profession is nothing to scoff at!

    @ Estaban … I did some research and it was an upgrade, so I feel much better about it.

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