On a lighter note …


Warning to the behaviour of Jamaicans with Barack’s victory.

Good Morning My JAMAICAN VOTERS in the WONDERFUL U. S. of A. !!!

After watching the final debate the other night, it dawned on me that Obama could actually win this thing. If that happens, there will be a lot of JAMAICAN VOTERS who may not know how to conduct themselves!!  To keep the peace and keep a lot of folks from getting nervous, a Top TEN list of behaviors we should probably avoid – at least for the first few days – have been put together :

10. NO need to kill a goat or set up an OBAMA Pan chicken Stand!!

9. NO renaming of Ackee and Saltfish plate to Obama and Biden!!

8. NO made up losing rhymes! (Rain a fall, breeze a blow, mek McCain baxide stay out-a-door) or peenie peenie pon Palin pokie

7. NO selling of Manish Water or Half Way Tree style k9 soup in cups with Obama’s face on the side!!

6. NO acting like you knew Obama was going to win! (Mi nu tell uno say ‘im a guh blouse an skert win… Mi nu did tell yuh tu rahtid man ..eeeh jubba mi nu tell yuh

5. NO Palin name calling!! (That Ol’ Diby, Skettel eediat Eskimo freeze up skull no brain gal weh cyaan control har cayliss dawta weh out fi gi smaddy jackit fi di pickney weh shi deh raffle)

4. NO use of the word !@#%*!!!!mboclawt (Obama win to !!@~`*# ..ra$$clawt )

3. NO “SET-UP” fry fish an rum two bakkle a cream soda an dead pijin fi run duppy revivalist night for McCain/Palin supporters!

2. NO need to bake an Easter Bun on November the 5th for Obama’s winning!!! An fi di younger jinarayshan please no Tek weh yuhself , Nuh Lingah, dutty wine, hood tap ar any form of Skin out celebration, you however may beat yuh chess , do the gully creepa and make to di world gestures

AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE…… Mi a beg uno – do….

1. NO spliff burning/Ganja smoking in crowd at the inaugural ceremony!! (And NO duchie passing on the left hand side around the water cooler!!)

Respect Due!


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