So Many Things, so little time


Wow, I’ve been wanting to post something since Tuesday but the time just didn’t allow.  In fact, I’m barely awake typing this post, still trying to recuperate after staying up almost the entire night watching Barack Obama with the elections in the USA to become the first African-American to be elected to the prestigious position of President. It was an overwhelming and emotional moment to see history being created in this way.  I was quite reflective as I would have lived in a era witnessing several monumentous events taking place in the world.  These events are the makings of History books of the future that my children will no doubt read about.  Obama’s win is significant in so many ways – we have all been watching this race so I don’t need to reiterate those.  All I can say is that we are in a dynamic and changing world and I’m happy to be alive to see it all unfold.

On another note, Hurricane Paloma started to affect the Cayman Islands today and I send this shout out to all my peeps in Cayman.  Hope you all are safe and won’t fare too badly after this storm passes.

Ok … work sucks right now!  It’s frustrating!

Ummmm ….. What’s with all these abductions of children?  Every day there is at least 1 report of an abduction or an attempted abduction.  It is of grave concern to me.  I believe the Ministry of Education should take some drastic measures at protecting our youth.  Now-a-days, it seems it’s anything goes.  I see primary and high school children on the road at all hours of the day. It’s like the schools don’t have control over these children any more.  They recently arrested 13 boys and 4 girls they found at a house, during school hours, doing what??? I’d like to know.  Drastic times call for drastic measures.  Rules need to be put in place to curb what is happening.  Parents need to become more responsible.

I find it so upseting that people in authority find it hard to make an unpopular decision.  That is what being a real leader is all about.  It’s not about being liked by everyone, it’s not about being Mr/Ms Nice Guy/Gal, it is about leading … in every sense of the word.  Lock down the schools.  No students allowed off the school compound until after school is dismissed.  We have to start somewhere.

Today alone, there were five cases of Carnal Abuse reported in the Weekend Star by page 5.  This is something to be gravely concerned about.

Ok … ahhhmm … no more doom and gloom.



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  1. The abduction is very worrying. I have a an eleven year old cousin in Jamaica and eveytime i hear of those abductions I worry about her. It must be hell for parents wondering if their child will return home on evenings. Something has to give

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