Busy Signal


I hope you didn’t think this was going to be a post about the DJ bearing the same name as the title of this post.

Actually, this post is about how busy my week was!  I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this busy.  I have been attending training since last week, with a very intense session for all of this week from 8 till 6 in the evenings.  You can imagine my anguish when my attempts to reach home by 6:30 to pick up my pickaninnies proved futile 3 days out of the week.  However, the training was well worth it.  It is one of those trainings that I don’t regret attending because of the wealth of information shared.  I can actually use some of what I have learnt when I get back to my desk on Monday morning.  That is a really fulfilling feeling, like you have achieved something.

I was also pleased to have been nominated the “best team player” of my work group.  I was quite touched 🙂

Now, I’m exhausted!  Tired!  Getting up 4:30 every day to get to training by 8 … the traffic was extremely horrible this week … I’m still trying to figure out why. Getting home at 7 and then working from home until 12 midnight … I’m still trying to figure out … why the f&&* am I doing this?

So, I’m here writing this silly post when I should be in bed catching up on my zzzzzzzs … but you know I can’t stay away from you!

Have a great weekend everyone …

And a joke will follow 🙂


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