Mi Love Mi 2 Year Old …


For those of us into old school reggae, the title of this blog should look and sound very familiar, like the popular song of the same name by the great Admiral Bailey.  This post has nothing to do with the song though … but rather about my first born.

He is at the tender age of two, the age of precociousness, tantrums, imitation of others, exploration and the list goes on.  I think I understand why they call them terrible twos when they get to this age as it is taking more patience than I thought I had within me along with many prayers to remain calm during this time of his development.  People say that the “terrible two” syndrome is worst in boys … I guess I’ll wait for the next couple of months when my princess will be at the tender age of 2 and judge for myself.  Having my offspring so close puts me in a somewhat advantagous position to speak with authority on a number of issues pertaining to motherhood if I do say so myself.

So, what advice to I have for mothers who are on their way to dealing with a terrible two:

1.  Remain calm at all times.  Losing your temper is a sign that you are out of control, and not the child

2.  Reinforce good behaviours.  Make your child feel proud when (s)he has done something good, something of  you approve of.

3.  CONSISTENTLY bannish bad behaviours.  Always let your child know when (s)he does something wrong and why it is wrong.  They are not stupid.  They are actually as smart as you or maybe smarter (I think this is the case with CDJR1).  They will know that they did the same thing yesterday and did not get punished for it and will think it’s ok to do it again.  This piece of advice is the most important in my opinion.

4.  Always show them you love them, no matter what they do.  They are human beings too with emotions, and not enough life skills to know how to deal with them as well as the average adult should.  Even after scolding, make sure your child understands that you care about them and love them whether they do good or bad.

I have a friend, very close to me, who has a son, 8 years old now.  She is one of those persons you never picture being a mother.  Very ambitious, career driven, always on the go.  I have witnessed her son cry out in so many ways, and yet everyone else seems to see it except her.

Our children are so precious and it is an awesome responsibility we as parents must take seriously.  The way we raise our children today will determine the society we live in tomorrow.  I pray for good parenting so that our children will grow up with the right values, the right take on life, knowing good manners, respect for adults, respect for rules and boundaries, respect for others.  It will mean the difference between the life of comfort we live, not being in fear, or the life of death we will live, being in fear of opening our doors.

Bless up.


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  1. From what I have seen two is really a trying time. You seem to have it under control though and am proud of you.

  2. Aww. You’ve got a kid. At least you’ve got a grip on the whole “terrible twos” thing. Please educate your friend.

  3. Definitely. Been trying to get a hold of her for months now … but she’s too busy with her career! Last I heard, she’s been living from plane to plane for the last couple of months. I dread to think about her son now.

  4. Awwwww. You certainly have it right. I see you’re enjoying the little ones – that’s great.

    Miss you girl. Hope you had a wonderful xmas and wish that 2009 will be your best year yet.


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