2008 By Uncle Jay


Ok, I know I just posted but I am checking my email and got this very funny parody of 2008!  Check it out!!


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  1. It is essential that we stay connected and in touch.Today, the marvels and wonder of technology makes it much more easier than say twenty years ago.Also,we are now living in a global electronic village,where it may be much or relatively easier to communicate and stay in touch with someone in Europe, as opposed to someone twenty miles away, who is not part of the global electronic village.I have read your thoughts for today, and I find it very interesting,specifically, in a highly materialistc culture like Jamaica, where everyone aspires/desires for a criss, phone, car,ipod,computer and even a woman or man, etc.Like ZORBA THE GREEK, I am tossing/throwing away most of my material things.NUFF respect!!

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