Party Like A Rockstar …


idol-logo1I think I may have lost my calling.  American Idol Season 8 has brought another set of talented individuals to the fore.  Although I wasn’t able to see all the auditions and holly wood week (no cable at the hospital … ugh), I was home to see the selection of the final 13 contestants.

While watching the performances and I chose a total of 9 of the 13 finalists!  Yes, I single handedly assessed the performances of the wanna be stars and successfully chose winners.  Am I good or what?

I have chosed my favourites … I have 2 of them … And they are …


Allison Iraheta … the 16 year old songstress from LA that has a voice to die for …


Adam Lambert, 26 year old crooner also from LA, who has a stage presence that makes you want to jump on the stage, bump and grind your hips into his, hoping he’ll grab your ass in the process … yeah, yeah, ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh!!!

I definitely see one of these 2 winning the competion and so far the judges are in agreement with me.

This season of Idol seems a lot more refreshing, even with Simon’s insults … and I thought it interesting that they introduced the “Judges Save” concept to the competition.  I think this does give someone who has talent the opportunity to move on in the contest if America votes them off!

Since I’m home with nothing to do, I can watch all my favourite shows … it is so cool!  I intend to keep it up when I go back to work though … believe that!

Anyone watches idol?  What you tink??


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  1. I agree with you on both of them, I think Adam rocks over all, but I read him as gay…. don’t think he’d grab your ass.

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