Dear God


Dear God,

Today is one of those days when my mind is in a tailspin thinking about a lot of things.  Given the present situation, I wanted to ask you some questions as I cease to understand how something that you created could be the way it is.  I’m sure you must be wondering what am I talking about since everything you created was fearfully and wonderfully made by you, I mean, you said so yourself in Psalm 139:14.

Lord, I’m talking about men, the male species, boys, yeah, I’m sure you get my drift.  Having had some experience in the men department in my “22” years of life on this wonderful earth, I have come to one conclusion.  No, correction, I have come to many conclusions about the male species.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am by no means saying that all men are like this, but, from my own experience and from talking with many of the female species, I have to say that there are some that leave much to be desired.  For ease of reference, I have created a concise list of my observations and would love for you to review and advise.  I know you are omniscient but just in case this one may stump you for the moment, please feel free to allow others to respond on your behalf.  I’d also like to point out that this list in no way excuses women.  I know we have our issues but we are not the focus at the moment.

My observations are as follows.  Note that each point should be preceded by the word “most”:

1.  Men never tell their female companion when they have a problem, whether it is with them, or work or whatever.  The female is left instead with the dastly task of attempting in futility to read the mind of a man who

2.  (Men) Doesn’t seem to know what he really wants.  Today it’s move your ass a little faster, tomorrow it’s let’s take it slow, and the next day it’s “whoa mama”

3.  Men would rather work on cars, the house, work, etc. than put some quality work into their relationship with their companion.  Of course, women are grateful not to have to move and clean behind and under the refrigerator and stove, but, that’s not all there is to a clean and Godly existence.

4.  Men never put their dirty clothes in the hamper … ok, that’s just nasty

5.  Men will never apologize when they realize that they are wrong.  Are you crazy?  That would make them less manly and they can’t have that!

Lord, I think those are the most pressing issues at the moment.  I don’t mean to sound like a sad whiny bitch but if you made man for woman and woman for man, why do we have so many broken relationships, dysfunctional homes and children without both parents in their life?  I’m sorry to be coming off so strong but I think that we are on the brink of a world crisis if we don’t do something about this!  I know you’re doing your best, trying to get the message out there.

On a final note, I am more than willing to offer my services to assist in any way I can. I know I’m not perfect and I have issues too (let’s not focus on those right now, please, PLEASE), but I also think that I have amassed a significant amount of knowledge on the subject that would enable me to help.

Thanks for listening, Lord, as usual.  I can always count on you to be there, when others are either not there to listen, don’t care to what you have to say or are in no position to help me in any way.

Your daughter



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  1. boy CD, I dunno at all… glad I’m not ‘the Lord’ so I don’t hafta answer those wonderful questions of yours. When He answers you, let me know, cause… um, I may be wondering about those things too… a little bit, lol!

  2. I wish he would tell you and then you will tell us.Girl I dont even try bother anymore

  3. You know CD, one thing that I have now learned about the male of the species, is to just accept. I look at my boyfriend every day, and lord knows that I love him to death, but I am constantly fighting the ever loving urge to kill him in his sleep sometimes. But, I look at him, and the fact that he makes me happy, and just recite my personal mantra: “Don’t sweat the amall stuff”. Now, instead of kicking up a fuss about the clothes, I just pick them up, and hush my mouth. It’s a trade off. He makes me happy in the grand scheme of things, and so I fight HARD not to let the nasty clothes bother me.

    But, that being said, lemme know wha’ the Lord respond nah? Every little bit helps! LOL!!!!

  4. The saying, “God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to accept the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” is apt here. I too have learnt to accept and not sweat the small stuff… I’d still like to know why though 🙂

  5. Yuh praying to man for answers on men….haha just kidding.

    I reecomend that Steve Harvey book….you will soon see your asking God not about men, but about boys…

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