Tagged: Ruthibelle’s Introspection Meme


This tag courtesy of Ruthibelle. I decided to do it after checking out Mad Bull’s blog and his latest post  was all about Ruthie.  (I started this post on October 14, 2008)

So here goes ….. FINALLY!!!

I AM …Free

I WANT… complete peace of mind

I HAVE … a lot to say, so little time, so little outlets, drats!

I KEEP… everything sentimental, from my diaries and journals from 1989 to a tassle that fell off the shoe of my 1st love when I was 14 years old to my son’s lock of hair from his first haircut … I’m very sentimental and will keep anything that means something to me

I WISH I COULD … rebuild Jamaica and restore it to glory in the blink of an eye

I HATE … HYPOCRITES, confusion, ill-mannered children, people who intentionally hurt children … (I’ll stop now …)

I FEAR … the Lord

I HEAR …  a combination of the wind blowing outside, my TV, my fingers typing swiftly on the keyboard

I DON’T THINK … the justice system in Jamaica is effectively serving its purpose to the point that I dread having to come into contact with it for any reason at all … I hope I never get arrested!

I REGRET … not getting more involved in voluntary/social work

I LOVE … love. And good food!

I AM NOT … boring!

I DANCE … like there’s no one watching when there’s no one watching

I SING … almost every minute of every day … I love to sing … remember??

I NEVER … procrastinate

I RARELY … keep my thoughts to myself, always speaking my mind

I CRY WHEN I WATCH … Armageddon, Pursuit of Happyness, The Sound of Music, Friends, blah blah blah, I’m a tear goddess!

I AM NOT ALWAYS … happy when I’m smiling … yeah, I have a few fake smiles …

I HATE THAT … I haven’t been to Europe yet … but I’m working on it

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … why we can’t find cures for terminal illnesses after all these years of research and study, and get pissed off when I hear about billions of dollars going into research to see if fish sleep

I NEED … Love.

I SHOULD … go lie down now cause my tummy is hurting like hell … after I get some lunch



3 responses »

  1. I sooo hate ill-mannered children too!! Cyaan tek pwile pickney!

    And you need love.. oh lord don’t we all??
    And yes, I definitely love good food too!

  2. Ditto on the illmannered children! Grr!

    This gave be much cause for contemplation. I have no idea what I would respond to a lot of the tag lines..sigh…

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