Inspiration from Stunner


With a little inspiration from Stunner’s Afflictions, here are some pics from a trip to a farm in the Bog Walk community of St. Catherine.





And the grande cute finale …



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  1. Tami, they are a kind of dove. I don’t remember the name now but their feet are so weird looking! Nice to see variations of God’s creations.

    On your other comment, the story is coming soon.

  2. Hey this looks like a really neat place to take my niece. What’s it called and where in Bog Walk is it? BTW I’m enjoying your blog. Went online yesterday searching see if my favourite blogger Kingston girl had returned and found you….put many a smile on my face.

  3. Yes it is in Bog Walk but I don’t think it has a name. It was actually at someone’s house. I’ll see what I can find out for you.

    Thanks for stopping by … glad to know my random spurts of thought means something to someone other than me :-).

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