CD and TV Land


Yesterday proved to be a very interesting day on TV for 2 reasons …

The 1st of 2 semi final matches of School’s Challenge Quiz was played yesterday between Ardenne and Titchfield High School.  I am so impressed with Titchfield’s performance this year!  I don’t know much statistics on the past SCQ tournaments, but I don’t recall Titchfield ever making it this far in the competition.  Today will also see another interesting semi final match as the arrogant, obnoxious, greatest thing since condensed milk  (I hate them!!!) Kingston College going up against the great Wolmers Boys School.  This is a match that should not be missed.  Needless to say that I’m fully behind Wolmers as I never support KC in anything, nothing, nada.

Another interesting tidbit about the competition this year and one of the finalists, Ardenne, is that the team is all female … and Ardenne is a co-ed school.  Usually, you find the male species dominating in these arenas as it gives them and their super-large egos the opportunity to showcase their talent and high level of intelligence.  The girls have been on form though, beating Titchfield 55 to 31 yesterday.

So, either way, the finals will be a battle of the sexes … and no doubt the match will be nail biting and as they always say, be a ding dong battle to the end.  GO ARDENNE!

On another note, I think I have finally made my official choice for winning American Idol Season 8 … ADAM LAMBERT ALL THE WAY! The guy has got it going on! He is hot – blazing the stage with every performance – displaying his enormous talent in range, pitch – cleaning up real nice in a suit, with his hair slicked back and no nail polish … hot!!


Last night the contestants performed Motown hits under the mentorship of Smokey Robinson, one of Motown’s most successful artists.  Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown was also at last night’s performance.  The competition is really stiff as it usually is at this stage of the competition.  For me, the worst performances were Megan Joy, Michael Sarver and Danny Gokey.  I suspect these may be in the bottom 3 tonight.

Wow!  What a day in TV land!


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  1. SCQ reach semi-finals?? Lord ha mercy— that goes to show how little I watch TV!! I just not getting my usual tele-scoop at all!!

    So you know wuss I have no idea bout idol.. must admit if this was ANTM-related, i would me more on point cuz I still catch that on good ol’ You-Tube.

    I get teh sentiments bout KC… best thing since cindensed milk?? LMAO! I dont think so!! But let me shut up now cause I have too many KC/fortis-crazed friends to go dis them on- or off-line.

  2. Damn KC bwoy dem win (CD hisses teeth very very annoyed and pissed off) … Can’t wait for the finals.

    Well, I had 1 of the bottom 3 correct and Michael is going home.

  3. I like your description of your dress, very erotic!!

    I have found a lot of my old high school friends in Facebook. It is amazing!

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