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I need a laptop.  This not having a computer thing is really having a negative impact on my connectivity with the outside world!  I mean, I can hardly get to check my emails, post on this wonderful blog, visit my facebook page to do all the cool stuff I do there …. and it’s getting to me

I have learnt that one laptop is not enough for 2 adults to share.  I’ve been sharing a laptop with the BF who comes home too late from work and needs to use the laptop too for business.  So, what’s a girl to do?  I’ve found the laptop I want (I think … can’t make up my mind).  I wanted to go HP. Found an ACER that is good too.  A friend of mine recommended an ASUS Eee PC which I have never heard of, but he was pleased to tell me that they revolutionized the mini notebook long before HP and Dell and the rest of the better known brands.  Personally, I prefer to go with a brand that is known and trusted than another.  Anyone have any suggestions for CD?  I’m desperate.  I have a budget of US$400 – $450.

Anyhow, this is the reason for lack of more regular posts along with me getting back to my regular lifestyle (almost) since my surgery 2 months ago!

What else?  My birthday was Thursday last, and I had a wonderful day.  Didn’t do much other than going to work and looking fabulous!  Dress to kill!  I got compliments all day from colleagues and strangers alike!  It did a lot for my ego to know that even though I’m a year older, I’m still looking hot!  I  have a lot to be thankful for and send praises up to God every day for my blessings.

Who has been watching American Idol?  It has been so exciting and I can’t wait for Tuesday when the last 2 finalists, Kris Allen and my pick to win it, Adam Lambert will face off in the finals!  It has been so exciting these last few weeks, that I can hardly wait for Tuesday nights to come to see the performances!  Adam has been rockin’, literally, every a week, never disappointing!  He is awesome!  I know he’s gonna win it.  He is already a star!  All this American Idol watching has got me thinking about my dream to enter rising stars and still haven’t done it yet.  I don’t know if I can take on all that it will require to be a contestant, the time, the late nights, the travelling … nuh tink mi can manage it now at all!

I’ve been spending a lot of time parting “fights” between my soon to be 2 yr old and my soon to be 3 yr old!  They are going at it every day!  I have a no spanking policy but I admit to giving in to a slap or too this past week!  They are really testy at this age.  I pray every night for more patience to get through this phase with all my hair still in tact and no spankings!

My children’s day are had Career Day yesterday and my son went as his career choice since he was 1 yr old = an astronaut, and my daughter went as a pediatrician!  It was a lot of fun to dress them up.  I got special suits made for them at this little costume store on Camp Road.  They were quite reasonable in price as well.

On another note, someone sent me an email with this cool video on youtube.  Enjoy!  , Hopefully I’ll get my laptop by this time next month.  Until then, may only be able to post on Sundays!


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  1. That clip is hilarious. Wish I could be of use with the laptop but me not tech savvy at all girl.

    Those costumes sound adorable.Where the pictures? Oh happy belated bday

  2. Thanks for sharing that video. I immediately posted it on facebook and of course I gave you props for bringing it to my attention. =)

    Happy belated B-day (I know I’m way too late).

    How’s your laptop search and purchase going? I hope you’ve been able to get things in order. Not having a computer or internet access is truly a difficult thing that I never thought would hurt so much.

  3. HP and Acer a decent brands. I have a HP notebook and it works well.

    Good to know you enjoyed your special day!

    I got that video on Facebook, it is funny!

  4. I have a similar laptop predicament except that my lappy is slow as a lark. It keeps falling apart and i have been searching for one similar or just the same weight as this but at a good price and nil. Averetec is good as well as acer and HP but never buy a Dell- sent from hell.

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