CD Back In Biz


Well, well, well … what do you know!  It’s a post from CD … Yeah, I’m back in business, can log on and step pon chi chi man an ting.  Yes, people, my new laptop has arrived … my solace, my friend, my connection to the world!  Yipppeee!

So many things have happened that I have not been able to have my say, the most important of which would have to be the tragic passing of Michael Jackson.  Sorry, I’m late and I haven’t read you guys stuff yet, but I shed a few tears for Michael.  I loved him and was one who was always in his corner.  I never thought he molested anybody.  He just paid the price for caring about people, maybe a little too much than some were used to.  I was glued to CNN since the news broke and still am, now that Debbie Rowe says she’ll take US$4M not to challenge Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mom for cutody of her 2 offspring.  WTF?  As CNN put it, “Debbie Rowe has sole her kids again”.

Lots of drama in politics, some good movie releases, great athletics, the wonderful world of West Indies Cricket … so many things, so little time.

What’s important is that I’m back and I’ll be coming around more often.  That’s a promise.

Take care y’all.  Love ya!  Muah!!


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