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So, since I’ve been away for so long, you know how it goes.  You have to come out with a new look, a new attitude, a big bang … My very lame attempt at doing that is to change my blog theme.  I can’t believe that after all this time, WordPress hasn’t taken the time to get some new themes developed.  I think almost all, if not all of the theme options have been there since I started using WP how many moons ago.  Even blogspot has made some strides, making me wonder if I did the right thing in moving from them and making me wonder if I should go back from whence I came.  I mean, I was a complete blog virgin, introduced to this wonderful world on blogspot and it’s been no turning back.  As a matter of fact, that was 5 years ago if my memory serves me correctly, and it usually does 🙂

So, what else will be new?  You will certainly learn more about the fun-loving, sexy, raunchy side of CD that I have managed to keep hidden from you all these years.  Only a few bloggers, have actually interacted with me on a personal level and if I dare say, they would tell you that I was one of the most wonderful persons they have ever “met” … right guys???

Apart from Michael Jackson taking up my time, and a terrible bout of tonsillitis I am now getting over, my new mini-addiction is America’s Got Talent.  Yes, yes, yes, I’m a sucker for reality talent shows.  It provides great entertainment when there is nothing else better on TV.  It amazes me that some of these persons actually THINK they have talent.  It is even more amazing when they say “My friends tell me I have a great singing voice and I could be the next Mariah Carey” and they actually believe these nincompoops who just don’t have the balls or the pubic hairs to tell a brother or sister not to waste theirs or America’s time by auditioning.  Mr. Dental Assistant, the Lone Ranger Rockstar that performed on tonight’s show is a perfect example.   I’ve also developed a meek affection for “Royal Pains” on USA.    The idea of a ‘concierge doctor’ as Dr Lawson is known is quite novel to me.  It is interesting to see how the rich, famous, not so famous, sinfully rich live.  When I see these things on TV and even in real life, I understand why God doesn’t make everyone rich.  Some of us couldn’t handle it at all!  Fi real, some a wi woulda tun eediat!

That’s it from me tonight.  Going to do some software updates on ma new baby … then call it a night.

Bless up everyone.  Good night.


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  1. I see you catching up on some serious TV time! Good to hear you are feeling better.

    The new theme is unusual and neat, but gosh man the words dem fine!

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