My New Hobby


I have suddenly developed a new interest in Gardening.  I love to see a well manicured lawn, and since moving in to my own home 2 years ago, have done some gardening to make the front of the house look warm and welcoming.  Now, I want to do more with it!  Bring some more colour into the landscape, remove some of my plants that are still in pots and plant them in the soil so they can grow and be nurtured by the natural earth.

I had a plant, not sure of the name but it was a very weird plant, in that, it loves sun, but if you left it in the sun for too long without watering it, the leaves would actually shrivel and wilt.  Immediately upon watering it, the leaves spring back to life in a matter of minutes.  I found it quite amazing.  Unfortunately, for me, the plant met its dismal day when I came home from work to find all the leaves literally dried up – not wilted, not shriveled – DRY!  You can imagine my distress.  I try to be good about watering the garden at least every other day, but sometimes, the bed, the TV and now La La keep me from wanting to go into the garden in the evenings/nights after my children are gone to bed.

Anyway, I took the tree from the front of the yard to the back to see if there was any hope of reviving it.  When I looked at it, the stalks were all black.  I frowned.  I was very sad.  So, I started to remove the dead leaves from the plant.  In the process of doing this, I cut through one of the stalks … and … lo and behold … there was sap!  Yes!  Life!  There was hope.  So, I proceeded to remove all of the dead leaves, and remove the stalks that were really dead.  I then put the plant to the side of the house that gets the least sun and I vowed to bring it back to life.  One thing I was concerned about was the fact that there were no other flourishing plants around this one so, from the plant psychologist world, he would not have inspiration or company to make him want to grow.  So, after a few days of daily watering of stalks and root, I got a pleasant surprise!!!

This is my beloved plant, springing back to life.  I never knew I had a green thumb .. ok, that may be pushing it a bit, but I felt quite proud and vidicated when I saw the first tiny leaf sprouting on the plant.  There are a few more leaves on it.  I have moved it back to the front of the garden so it can feed off the energy and growth of the other plants at the front.  I think I may really have a knack for it.  I know gardening tends to be something for older more mature ladies so I’m concerned that I’m getting “old” … :-\

On another note, I never get tired of seeing Usain Bolt win.  My eyes are on Yohan Blake though .. I think he will be the next big thing in Track & Field.  I hope Kerron wins the Golden League or at least gets to share the US$1M!

Bless up.


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  1. I like it too, houseplants grow outside here. I have a problem however, with Jade plants, they do ok for months, then suddenly die. I don’t know what I do wrong.

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